Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mother/Son Snow Tubing

The PTO at school always sponsors an annual Daddy/Daughter Dance and a Mother/Son event. In the past, this has always been a rollerskating evening. This year they changed it up and did a Snow Tubing afternoon! The kids were offered the opportunity to sign up with their Moms to go up to Seacoast Family Fun Park in Windham for a few hours of winter fun. Billy and I jumped at the chance, it sounded like so much fun. We had gone to this location in January for Kate's birthday and had a blast, so we were both really looking forward to going back!
We had such a good time! The sun was shining and it wasn't too cold. The line for the tow was a bit longer then when we were there last time, but it "forced" us to climb the hill a few times- which was good exercise! As much as I want it to be spring, these sorts of winter activities are so much fun! You wizz down the groomed hill and then get a ride back up on the escalator. There are 10 runs on the hill- you can go single or double and have the option of linking tubes with other riders. The more tubes you get in a chain the faster you seem to go- maybe its the combined weight, but I think it has more to do with screaming along with other people and the group mentality as you fly down. We met up with a few of the other Moms and kids, and linked for a few runs, which is especially fun. The tubing was great- its an exciting activity but also it was nice to quietly ride along in the car with Billy and chat about his coming birthday- and listen to him talk about a movie he had just seen. I am so proud of the little man he is becoming and relish every opportunity to spend one on one time with him. He is such a cool kid- I couldn't be luckier!

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  1. So glad it was a good time! Just a blogging note: if you cut and move your pictures, not in the html mode, they lose the ability to get bigger with a click. I wanted to see billy's face as he is sliding down!!