Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cookies and Coffee

Cookies and Coffee. Now here's a great way to spend the afternoon. We were supposed to host the Pony Club kids who are going to Quiz rally. They are meeting twice a week from now until the rally to practice and study together- but it is snowing (again!) so this afternoons session was called off. Not before my house got cleaned and I got cookies in the oven. Now instead of going over parts of the hoof, hoof care and shoeing I'm playing on the computer with my ipod busily singing to me in the background. I've got a coffee cup in hand and cookie crumbs on my chin; I needed an afternoon like this. It was a long night at the Girl Scout sleepover. My troop was great (as always) but I wasn't feeling too well and sleeping in the school gym with 50 other girls and their leaders just isn't my idea of fun. I was in charge of all the crafts and running those stations and keeping track of my kids to boot...being in charge of other peoples children is not a job I take lightly. I wears me down quickly; just the responsibility of it all. Not to mention that I had to rush directly there after tubing with Billy, then this morning I rushed right home to get my projects planned for today and the house picked up. I was a bit frantic- but things have a way of working out. So, the snow softly falls and I'm happy with warm chocolate chip cookies and hot coffee. Life is good.

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  1. D#*m! I could use some warm chocolate chip cookies right now! It's snowing lightly, you say, but I see it as heading off to work with a foot coming, and maybe no one will come to work in the morning to relieve me! Of course, you will be home with kids again all day tomorrow, lol, while I will be snoozing in my warm bed. Well, you will have the cookies, and I won't.