Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hands free feeding

This week Wyatt started holding his own bottle!!

What a big boy, feeding himself these days. And not soon enough- I have terrible guilt over the number of bottles I've propped. Bad Mama; what a good boy!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Nemo" blizzard of 2013

We survived the February winter storm! It is hard to tell how much snow we got with this blizzard as there was so much blowing and drifting.

The total has to easily be above 2 feet. Lumbering thru the drifts the snow was often halfway up my thigh. When Bill plowed the driveway the snow was that high as well.

The horses were so glad to get out of the barn. They waded thru it as well, and all rolled... Grace took a few moments to just lay there

While Squeeke got stuck on her side! Just after I took a few pictures and decided I'd best go fetch her halter Beau went over and "helped" her up. He came close enough that his legs sunk in near her and she was able to use him for leverage and get out of the snow bank. It was pretty funny that's for sure!

The snowmobiles were stuck in the snow too. And honestly the snow was so powdery and deep once they got one unstuck

It just ended up bogged down again!

After some work Bill and I got it out and he got a path packed down. Wes was outside so long he came in crying- he was frozen! They got a big snow fort built in one of the banks though!

Bill had fun, despite the frustration of getting both the plow truck and snowmobile stuck numerous times!

I was glad to not be working and for getting to spend the storm with my family! I've been putting in a lot of hours these past few weeks... So it was extra special to be snowed in today! "Nemo" thanks for the fun!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What have we been up to!?

Things around here just keep going and going!! We are as busy as ever. Olivia is swimming on the swim team (ok, she IS the Noble girl's swim team!) and really enjoying it. With practice, team dinners and meets she is off doing something just about every day!! She has a new boyfriend from swim who seems very nice. All of the swim team (she practices and competes with the team from Massabesic) came to the house for a team dinner a few weeks back. The den got it's first real "work out!"

The competition cheer season is again upon us, so Savy has that going, as well as her continued participation in scouts. We try to get her to tumble classes and lessons when we can fit it... But she practices a lot at home too. She is just as often up in a handstand as she is standing normal. She likes to encourage Wes to practice his moves with her. She is anxiously waiting for the snow to melt so the new trampoline can go up.

Speaking of scouts, Billy is approaching the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. He has done some fun outdoor activities lately in preparation for that. He continues in the band- although he is debating if he will continue next year at the middle school.

Wes is growing and changing all the time. He is so adventuresome. He is jumping off the dive blocks in the deep end of the YMCA pool, and attends his "story class" by himself.

Wyatt has been doing double shifts with me in Wells for the past few weeks. He is such a pleasure to have while I work- I must admit I love the alone time with him.

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