Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8-29-12 = 2 Months

Another month, another photo shoot! 
Our little man is really growing; he was 11lbs 2ozs this morning.
He goes for his check-up tomorrow and I suspect he will be right at the 50th % or so- he seems pretty average to me!  I'm sad already about him getting his shots... but we will survive!

 He is quite alert and happy when he is awake, he sleeps well for 4 or 5 hour stretches at night and we are moving him out into his own "bed"  He makes it for the first stretch when I first put him down, then after his first wake I can sometimes transition him back... but then for the early am feeding he always ends up in our bed.
He has started looking at things and "waving" his arms, he smiles and makes little "goo-goo" noises and is quite strong.  He can push himself up on both elbows and holds his head up very well.  He makes crawling actions when on his tummy and will "stand" when you support him under the arms. 
He is solidly in his 3 month sized clothes, but I worry the 3-6 might not get much wear unless we have a long Indian summer.  He continues to be easy going and happy- I'm so blessed in that respect!  He has developed a screech I don;t recall from Wes.  He has a very high pitched yell that grabs your attention- you can't ignore it!  He is in fact developing many more vocalizations, he has quite an array of cries and screams!  When he is unhappy holding him is about all that will quiet him, thankfully he likes the carriers and I can still get things done with him strapped on.  
His hair is looking reddish blond, it is redder in the sun... we shall see.  His eyes still seem blue- but more a denim color; not bright like mine or Bill's.  We love him so much, it's such a joy to have him here!  This next month will be my challenge with the older kids going back to school- I guess it's time for my test; think I can manage the two "littles" by myself every day?!

The Fair

Annually Bill is asked to be the farrier for the Acton Fair Horse Show- it is a nice chance for him to "be seen" in the community, and it gives us a great excuse to spend the day at the fair! 
I was especially looking forward to it this year- if I recall correctly we didn't go last year... it rained I think.  I knew Wes was going to just love the animals and farm equipment.  The Acton fair is a real traditional agricultural fair; I knew it was going to be such a big deal for Wes- this is all his favorite stuff; a few dinosaurs would have blown his top!

The day started a tad cool, but got hot and humid fast!  By the time we saw the fair and had our picnic it was quite warm.  The horse show was moving along quickly, and Bill was able to spend most of the day wandering with us.

After a little while in the ride section it was clear the kids were overheating.  Olivia threw in the towel after just one ride (she had warm jeans) and went back to the car to turn on the AC!

Wes was really enjoying himself, but was getting tired... and when I saw Billy like this:

I knew it was time to head home!  Wyatt rode in the carrier all day, and despite the heat he did great!  He slept most of the time, and I kept him shrouded since the sun was so intense, but it does count as his first foray to the fair.  I know it's a tradition the kids all look forward to, so there will be many more days spent like this I'm sure!

Photo's of Wyatt

Savanna and I have been trying to capture just the right look for Wyatt's much overdue birth announcement.  Here are a few cute one's from an attempt the other night.  He's a cutie right?!

Family Day at the Beach

This summer I had blocked off some "family" days in Bill's day planner.  I wanted to be sure we had some time to do all the fun stuff we wanted.  Unfortunately for some reason or another every time something came up!  Here we are, at the end of August and we had not done a single thing as a WHOLE family.  Until last week.  We finally managed to get our act together and did a day at the beach.  Well, honestly; like the trend a few things did come up- we didn't get there until much later than I had expected... but a picnic dinner is better than a picnic lunch anyhow right?!
 The kids love the ocean- we always have such a good time.  But, it was made even better having Bill there! 
 The kids had such a good time with him:

 and playing in the sand!

Hopefully the weather will hold and we can get out a few more times as a family before the cold hits... because it won't be long!  September is right around the corner

All the Kids

I made everyone pile onto the couch the other night for our first group photo!  Here are all the kids!
Olivia- 15, Savanna- 12, Billy- 10, Westley- 2, Wyatt- 8weeks

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Bill and Billy had Cub Scout camp this week.  I had decided to do a little trip up to Conway to pass the time while they were away.  The weather wasn't supposed to be all that great, so Olivia decided to stay home alone and hang out here watching the critters.  Savanna and Mom and I took the little boys and did a day of outlet shopping then Poppie and Kaleb and Jayson showed up and brought the sun!  We got in a day at the beach after all! 

Savanna had a blast this trip- she really seemed to enjoy herself!  She and Wes are both getting over a bug, so it was nice to see them feeling better and having such a good time with their cousins.  Wes was in the water a bunch- he is pretty fearless... we have to keep on top of him to be sure his bubble pack is on... he won't pay attention and might end up too deep!
I hope we have a few more opportunities to get up to the cabin before summer is thru.  I'd love to get everyone up a time or two before the kids head back to school.  It's coming fast~ and now Savanna has most of the new clothes she needed thanks to our day at the outlets!

Ice Cream Monster

Up in Conway we went out for dinner- Wes is getting over a bug and has no appetite, so I didn't order him food.  Knowing he would see the dessert that came with Savanna's kids meal I did order him one too- figuring he would want hers.  Well, she picked this ice cream "monster"
This is Wes'
He would not eat it:
"Him my friend!"

Even after we told him:
"he" would melt
we could not take "him" home with us
"they" would throw "him" away

The whole time we finished our meal and Savy ate her guy he kept talking to his dessert, kept insisting he would not eat "him..." when we talked about having to go home and leave "him" there.  It did no good, we couldn't taste him, and Wes wouldn't either.  Then this:
"they won't find him"

I didn't check the receipt... I'm not sure how much this ice cream monster cost me... but "he" was worth every penny!

Cindi's Camp

This past week the kids and I (minus Olivia) spent a few days with my dear friend Cindi.  We don't get to spend near as much time together these days as we once did, and any opportunity I get to hang out with her is such a treat!  The weather wasn't totally cooperating, but we did get in some swim time (and Billy and Savanna were in the pond a ton!) and she and I got to sit around and chat!  The kids were having a blast, we had nothing going on the next day and Sydney was just arriving so we opted to stay over (experiencing a terrible storm overnight) so the kids could roast marshmallows and go for a moonlight swim.

I paddled around with Wes, but for the most part hung out on the back deck with my pal.  Jon made us a yummy grilled lunch- the best cheeseburger I've had in a while in fact- and we got a chance to catch up while the kids played.

We used the paddle boat, the kids swam and swam and wore Wes right out!  He got to watch Nemo- a movie he hadn't seen, but knew he loved!  He talks about Nemo, wants to play Nemo... but didn't really know who/what Nemo was about... until he watched it twice!  We had doughnuts for breakfast and met her ducks.  I didn't do too well with the camera- I didn't get too many pictures, but we did have a great time! 
I've got to try my hardest to get back up before the summer is over!  Maybe next time Liv and Bill will be able to join us~ we all miss hanging with Cindi!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

R.I.P Pip

We lost our poor Pip this week.  She had been getting more and more "old" looking- loosing weight and not grooming herself well anymore.  I took her in a few weeks ago to get checked and they couldn't find anything major the matter with her- just chalking it all up to being a "geriatric."  Well, she continued to not do so well, and in fact got worse with some funky smelling drool- so we decided to have a dental cleaning done for her hoping it would help her eat and clean herself better; and maybe find the root of the drool.  Well, find it we did.  Poor old girl had a tumor in the back of her mouth.  The Vet said it was essentially pinning her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, and would slowly start to cut off her ability to swallow and ultimately breathe.  So, we made the hard decision... and had her put down.  She is buried out in the yard... we will all miss her very much!  Death and dying are such difficult topics to discuss with a 2 year old, but I think Wes did pretty well with all of it!  Rest in Peace dear Pip!

Monday, August 13, 2012

First Bike Ride

I know this year will be full of firsts...
Bill and I instated a "no screens" rule for summer weekends.  Our goal was to make Saturday and Sunday family time.  It's been nice to turn of the media and work on the house, hang out, or play together.  We have been playing cards in the evenings and Bill and the kids have been out on their bikes a lot!  I was waiting for my 6 week follow up, but now that I'm cleared it was time for Wyatt and I to get out there too!  Here is the little man's first ride:

We strapped his car seat into the trailer, and Wes rode in the bike seat.  We have been out a few times since then- it's fun for the whole family!  One major downfall to our location though... there are hills in every direction...  Bauneg Beg certainly does not make for an easy ride~ but fun none-the-less!