Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cindi's Camp

This past week the kids and I (minus Olivia) spent a few days with my dear friend Cindi.  We don't get to spend near as much time together these days as we once did, and any opportunity I get to hang out with her is such a treat!  The weather wasn't totally cooperating, but we did get in some swim time (and Billy and Savanna were in the pond a ton!) and she and I got to sit around and chat!  The kids were having a blast, we had nothing going on the next day and Sydney was just arriving so we opted to stay over (experiencing a terrible storm overnight) so the kids could roast marshmallows and go for a moonlight swim.

I paddled around with Wes, but for the most part hung out on the back deck with my pal.  Jon made us a yummy grilled lunch- the best cheeseburger I've had in a while in fact- and we got a chance to catch up while the kids played.

We used the paddle boat, the kids swam and swam and wore Wes right out!  He got to watch Nemo- a movie he hadn't seen, but knew he loved!  He talks about Nemo, wants to play Nemo... but didn't really know who/what Nemo was about... until he watched it twice!  We had doughnuts for breakfast and met her ducks.  I didn't do too well with the camera- I didn't get too many pictures, but we did have a great time! 
I've got to try my hardest to get back up before the summer is over!  Maybe next time Liv and Bill will be able to join us~ we all miss hanging with Cindi!

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