Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Day at the Beach

This summer I had blocked off some "family" days in Bill's day planner.  I wanted to be sure we had some time to do all the fun stuff we wanted.  Unfortunately for some reason or another every time something came up!  Here we are, at the end of August and we had not done a single thing as a WHOLE family.  Until last week.  We finally managed to get our act together and did a day at the beach.  Well, honestly; like the trend a few things did come up- we didn't get there until much later than I had expected... but a picnic dinner is better than a picnic lunch anyhow right?!
 The kids love the ocean- we always have such a good time.  But, it was made even better having Bill there! 
 The kids had such a good time with him:

 and playing in the sand!

Hopefully the weather will hold and we can get out a few more times as a family before the cold hits... because it won't be long!  September is right around the corner

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