Saturday, March 30, 2013

3-29-13=9 months

Wyatt turned 9 months! He is getting so big... I haven't weighed him recently, but I did pull out some 12 month winter stuff. I'm hopeful he will stall here a while as I have loads of 12 month summer stuff ready and waiting! He loves to eat, preferring whatever you have. He got his first tooth this week and I'm assuming the horizons are about to be broadened.

We anxiously anticipate his walking, but he is pretty cautious. He certainly doesn't like to fall. He's a climber though, like Wes- on top of things already. He goes up the stairs without hesitation and cruises around as long as he has a handhold.

He has been fussy with this tooth, and I don't look forward to the others coming in. I hope the next month isn't full of fevers and sleepless nights! Even not feeling the best, he really is good. We love him to bits.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3-12-13 Billy's day

Billy turned 11 a few weeks back- I'm a bad blogger for taking this long to post about it! The girls finally got me on Facebook and as I suspected it takes some of my "posting" time. Oh well, better late then never!

On his actual birthday we had pizza and brownie sundaes as a family.

He opened the package Grandma and Grandpa Houston had sent. He got some great swim gear... Ready for summer despite the mountains of snow we still have!

Then on the weekend we had a joint celebration for he and Jayson. They were both very good about "sharing" their parties.

That evening I had an ice cream cake for him. We got him a nice sleeping bag to use as we plan to do some camping this summer and as a Boy Scout now he will be headed off on a lot more trips. He got some cool toys, a shopping spree and an amazon gift card.

I know I always say it- but time sure does fly. I think that maybe because Billy was the "baby" for so long, it hits me harder with him. He is really starting to be more of a preteen and less of a little boy. It sure is cool to watch him grow and change. Happy Birthday B!

Pinewood derby '13

A few weekends back was Billy's Pinewood derby race. He did really well, placing 2nd overall (behind a 3-way tie for 1st). We avoided a trip to regionals once again!

He and Bill made a police model this year- weighting it with b-bs to get exactly 5 ozs.

This was Billy's final race, he will be crossing over to Boy Scouts in a few weeks. Bill won't go too long without making a car though- Wes won't be sidelined for too much longer!

Tooth número uno

Wyatt has had a fever since Sunday. Since he doesn't have much in the way of other symptoms I'm pretty sure it can be accounted for by the arrival of his first tooth!

This little beauty popped out on the top right today. Hopefully the crabby cling-on will be back to his usual happy self. Only now, ready to take a bite out of life!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time to get out the gates

Wyatt has done the stairs up from the den 4 or 5 times, but always "chasing" after Bill or I (when he is left downstairs)

Unloading the dishwasher today I suddenly realized I wasn't sure where he was. Time to get out the gates.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Standing solo

Yesterday Wyatt started standing by himself for short periods. It's only 5 or 6 seconds at a time but I'm so proud!!

Last night savanna was using a lollipop as bribery


So that's what all the screeching from the kitchen was all about:

He was stuck!!

Guess that will teach me to leave the dishwasher open!

Friday, March 1, 2013

There's no 29th... 3-1-13 = 8 months

Wyatt turns 8 months old this month... Even though there is no 29th!! I wasn't sure when to do his pictures... The day after the 28th seemed right, even though its March!

Wyatt is changing every day- growing and developing all the time. He is now over 19 lbs and fully in 9 month clothes. It won't be much longer before he is in 12 month- hopefully not until it gets warmer... I have a whole wardrobe of summer clothes! Most days he eats 3 meals and has 3 bottles. He loves to feed himself and loves whatever you are eating. I think "grown up" food is his favorite! He naps a short nap in the morning and then longer one in the afternoon. We have had a string of bad nights, but now are back to mostly sleeping at night...

He is sitting and standing and pulling up on everything. He is already climbing stairs! He is like Wes: he never stays still. He loves the tub, loves music and wants to be held and in the middle of whatever is going on. He jabbers and chats a lot, makes lots of noise and makes sure he is heard.

I keep waiting for a tooth to pop thru, but no sign of anything yet. He is such a character, I'm so glad to have him.

Snow Much Fun

Here are just some fun shots of us enjoying the unusually snowy February!
Bill and the kids dug a snow fort

Wyatt got out in it a bit

There has been plenty of time for snowmobiling, and "bombing" from the snow banks

Winter wonderland

Red neck sled...Grain bags and baling twine!

Beau- what's that on your nose?!

Might be late to work...

Snow banks of epic proportions!

Snow over the head