Sunday, May 27, 2012

Concerts and Such

T'is the season for concerts, art shows and other end of the year activities!  We are busy running from event to event- with all three kids in different schools (and Scouts and track and lacrosse) we are certainly on the go!

Billy had a cool evening at school one night last week or so.  The whole of the school (k-5 plus ALL the staff- janitorial included) read the same book (The Phantom Tollbooth) and then each class made a diorama of one chapter.  They displayed the book projects in conjunction with an art show.  It was a cool evening with snacks in the cafeteria and a great sense of community.
 Olivia had a choral performance the same night (and Sav had a lacrosse game that afternoon... a prime example of how I run!) and the High School music was great!  Noble has a great history of good music programs. 
Billy and Wes were tired, and we had been going straight since after school... Wes was pretty well behaved for a 2 year old... Billy opted to sleep instead of try to be "good" any longer!
 Olivia's "boyfriend" Joey is a hot topic in our household since he is a Senior... and we feel the age/maturity difference is pretty great... but he is a very nice guy and she does really like him.  I said "ok" to staying for the Senior Send-off where the graduating seniors celebrate the last show of their high school careers. 
A few nights later Savanna had what will likely be her last band concert.  She has not enjoyed her drumming this year- but stuck it out at our requests.  She was given the option of "quitting" next year- and I suspect she will let it go... she just doesn't find joy in it anymore.  Plus, this way Billy can have the drum set we bought, and we can return his rental!  One less thing...
 Billy had his last Cub Scout meeting and got his webelos for the year.  For their last big event the kids in his den went to Augusta and spent the day as Page's at the State House!  He really enjoyed it, and the tour and projects they did at the State Museum. 
I'm thankful all of Westley's "things" are during the day... we are so busy this time of year!  I wonder sometimes what we are getting into with another one on the way...  good thing we are flexible and find all this "stuff" fun!


This past weekend was the Girl Scout Camporee.  I am happy that Scouts is one of the things Savanna is still dedicated to- a group of girls she likely wouldn't otherwise choose to socialize with, but a troop she remains loyal to.  The girl's had their first opportunity to attend the "teen" Camporee- and we got a perfect weekend for it! 
 The weather was amazing, and the girls were great;  since my one Co-Leader Jen was running a workshop and the other could not make it... I was worried about waddling around with these 7 preteens on my own!  I shouldn't have worried at all!  They were right on top of each other and so helpful carrying my chair and bag without being asked!  We lucked out in getting one of the "houses" at the camp which added to the ease of the weekend.  I suppose it would have been fine to be in the tents- but it was nice to have the comfort of the ceiling and walls not to mention the kitchen being where I'm at in my pregnancy.  
 The teen event was pretty cool- there was a lot more for the girls to do compared to the younger aged ones we have done in the past.  The favorite by far was a cooking session similar to the food network's show "Chopped".  They had access to certain ingredients and had to make a meal with them.  They could use a camp stove, charcoal and grill or dutch oven.  They had 2 hours to plan and then cook and the dishes were judged.  Being allowed to cook on their own and showcase their creativity was wonderful!  Our girls got 2nd place with a soup and dessert they concocted.  I was pretty proud of how well they worked together and how they thought out their cooking.
 Actually, all the activities were well run and fun.  The theme was an Olympiad of sorts- they called it a try-athalon... and there were challenges and points along the way.  Savanna enjoyed herself, and I had fun watching everyone- I have known some of these girls for 5 years now!  As always, I was ready to be home by the end- leaving Wes for 2 nights was hard... and being this far along I was pretty tired, but it was a fun weekend!
The Scout camp was beautiful- the sun shining and the bugs not too bad.  I went to Camporee's here as a kid, and then went to summer camp here too.  Now having come to 4 Camporees with Savanna it's quite a tradition!  Wes was here in utero, and now Wyatt too.  Wes came camping the year after he was born, but I'm not sure Wyatt will make it- apparently this will be an every/other year thing... either way it's more memories and another Scout event under Savanna's belt! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Time is flying by, and the weeks just keep passing without an update!  I was 33 weeks on Tuesday and have been feeling quite well this past month or so.  My heartburn is significantly better, maybe from the hazel wood necklace I wear... or maybe just 'cause... my rash is pretty much gone... making it unlikely it was PUPPS after all... and baby is growing and moving like crazy!
 We went to Maine Med last week (Mom, Dad, Wes and I) and got another glimpse at the bean... he looked great, and measured right on track so they said to "go home and proceed as normal."  Wish that suggestion had come a few months sooner- would have saved some stress and heartache... but it does look like all is well and we will continue to shoot for our June 29th D-day!  He was over the 3lb mark, and placenta and cord were functioning well- no indication that anything is/was amiss.  She tried to get some 3-D pictures, but little boy wouldn't cooperate!  He was, like Wes; face up into my placenta.  I found it funny, as Wes was doing this too at one of our scans.  She took a shot, but where his nose was pressed into me, it sort of came out squished looking!  He was head down at that appointment- not that it matters!  At my 32 week check-up last week they noted a bit of protein in my urine, and will followup next visit.
The "being pregnant" thing isn't slowing me down yet.  I do get tired by the end of the day, but can still do all of my normal activities.  Beth and the folks at OakWoods are on notice that I'll only continue to "work" as long as I can handle it!  I figure a few more weeks of the big barn, then I'll manage with OakWoods until the end of school when they will be home anyhow.  In other news I had a bad toothache and ended up with an extraction yesterday.  It certainly wasn't something I anticipated... but better than a broken ankle I suppose!  I had to take some pain meds to function thru the weekend which had me worried, but the Drs said it was fine... and Wyatt kept up his serious kicking and punching, so I was pretty reassured that everything was ok with him.

I guess that's about it.  We are just working our way thru the spring, each day getting us closer to "our" birthday!  I have days when time seems like it's at a standstill, and then others when I can't believe how quickly things are going!  I am very anxious to meet this little one, and can't wait to hold him in my arms.  It won't be too much longer now.  I got out all the baby toys and washed them all. They are waiting in his closet... I have some laundry to do once we decide on the first few outfits.  The swing and pack-n-play need to come down and get set up still and I need to wash the car seat cover.  Then I was also starting to think I should pack a bag in the not too distant future.  Wes is doing well with the notion of a new baby, and me going to the hospital.  I take the opportunity to talk about it when the chance arises, and I think he "gets it" as well as can be expected.

I want to contact the lactation consultant at the hospital to chat about some ideas for making nursing a little easier this go 'round.  I think I'll wait for my face to feel a bit better, but it's getting to the top of my priority list.  I likely won't be able to pump like I did with Wes, so I *need* a better start this time.  I guess that's about it.  I feel like I look big now (and a few people have just noticed ?!) and it's obvious we are expecting.  I suppose some people just suspected a weight gain?!  Sigh.  I'm pretty much on target for my 25lbs goal... may go over a tad bit, but shouldn't be too bad I don't think!  I need to stay off the computer as I keep finding cute clothes to buy.  This kids seriously has a full summer wardrobe when he could basically survive in a diaper in the heat.  Man do I love me some baby clothes...!    

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nicholas Dean, 1yr

I guess I should be used to it by know, but time sure does fly!  I can't believe that Nic is already one!  His birthday was Monday, and Anna and Ed hosted a big teddy bear picnic party on Saturday.  The weather turned nice, and it was such a fun afternoon with yummy food and fun.  With our kids, and cousin Jack plus all the kiddos on Ed's side it was a festive crew and so nice to see everyone celebrating Nic!
 One of the highlights for sure was the pinata.  It was so cute to see the kids pulling the strings (which never worked) and then trying to bash it with the bat!  Liv did a good job of running the rope- keeping it jumping for the older kids and hanging steady for the younger.  Wes really had fun- he did a good job waiting his turn but sure did enjoy batting when he got the chance!

 Anna had made a baby (a couple actually) angle food cake (the traditional Houston birthday cake)
 It worked well, as it was so soft and dissolved easily as Nic ate the whole thing!  He is such a food hound, and devoured it.  He never really smashed it- just picked it right up and got to work eating it!  He was so cute all covered in chocolate!
 It was amazing with as many kids as there were, there were no meltdowns.  Everyone did so well!  Nic and Olivia opened his gifts and he shared them well.  One of Anna's Sisters in Law is due just a week before we are, so it was nice to visit with them a bit- the girls enjoy Kristan, and it will be fun to have babies so close in age.  I'm sure we will keep Uncle Ed and Auntie Anna busy with the new little ones this summer. 

Speaking of new little ones; we took the opportunity while little Jack was here to grab a group shot!  It wont be long before there is one more boy to add to the scene, but for now these are the Houston Grandchildren!  It was so nice to see Krista and Brad and finally meet mr. Jack.  He is adorable of course, and I tried to soak up every moment I could with him.  It's hard to have a nephew so far away...  
That evening as we watched the Kentucky Derby I was reminiscing that last year we watched from Anna's hospital room!  Happy Birthday Nic- we love you so much!  


Savanna told me she wanted to join the Lacrosse team.  I ignored her.  Balls flying towards her face?  Running up and down the field trying to get her stick out in front of other players?  Was she serious?!  I thought the notion would pass.  She was just sad about cheer ending, and looking for something to do with her friends.  Well, I was wrong!  We nearly missed sign ups, but managed to get her a spot on the new Noble team... and a lacrosse player she is!

 The program is entirely new this year- it's pretty neat to be involved with something from the ground up. The coaches and administration are working on getting everything ironed out, and the girls have practiced with gusto! It has been interesting since many of them (Sav included) had never held a stick before.  They had about 2 weeks of practice, and then this weekend had their first game!
I think for a bunch of kids who had only actually scrimmaged once, they did amazing!  Their  opponents are an existing team who just started with 3rd season playing together.  We even got a couple of goals.  It was pretty exciting!  They have 5 more games and the other teams in the league know we are brand new... so it should be a great introduction into the sport.  I'm happy Savanna has found something else athletic she enjoys doing.

I was very impressed with Savanna, she had the ball in her net on more than one occasion, and was much more aggressive on the field than I would have even anticipated!  We still have a lot to learn, but she is having fun and I'm starting to sort out the rules etc.  So, here's to a great season Noble Lax, we are excited to be part of the team!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Time is flying, and I'm doing such a bad job keeping up with the blog... I haven't even been good about taking pictures!  It seems that every day is jam packed, and while life is cruising nothing "big" is happening.  But, truth be told, as tired as I am at the end of the day I love every moment of it!
 I celebrated my birthday last week- I made a new enchilada recipe for my birthday dinner.  I had a "craving" and while it's not something I thought everyone (mainly Billy!) would love, I made it anyhow... it was my day and all!  I also made a cheesecake; another craving.  Blame it on the baby!  On the weekend, Beth and Anna helped Bill host a bar-b-que for my Dad and I.  It was a fun "party" as Wes kept saying!  I guess I'm now at the point where birthdays sort of come and go... not too much of a big deal, but still nice to mark the passing of another year!
 Savanna had a few girlfriends over one night, and they had such a blast!  These girls are new friends this year- and the three of them are such peas in a pod!  I love that when the district school came together Sav was able to branch out and find goof balls like herself.  We love them!!
 The weather has turned cooler (well, honestly just more spring like!) after our week of summer heat a while back!  It's been really nice to have spring.  The flowers are blooming and I'm itching to get some garden stuff in.  With the dry conditions we have had no mud to speak of, and very very few bugs as of yet (except ticks.  ick!) so we can be outside a lot!  Billy is showing some interest in baseball, and Savanna is now playing lacrosse, so Bill spends evenings throwing and catching!  The kids got new rabbits- and have renewed their commitments to help with the animals... so we have been trying to get outside for that as well.  

The horses all got their spring shots and were wonderfully behaved.  I was so pleased with all of them!  I was also thrilled when I thought back and realized that the vet had not been out since last year for shots.  Fheww!  We had such a bad run there for a while, it was nice to go "accident" free for a while!  "knock on wood" that our trend continues!!  Little Anna went up to the big barn a few weeks back, and after the pain of transition Poke to a life without her, things are ironing back out.  We juggled stalls a bit, and now they all come in as a group.  I'm happy to have them all in and out of the rain... now that we are getting some!  It made me tear up bring Poke in that first night.  I am so blessed!  I love that old guy, and giving him a stall (even though I'm sure he would rather just stay out!) again was such a treat!  In other horse news, Bill and Beth had to put one of theirs down.  Belay was a great mare, and one of my Bill's all time favorites... loosing her put him into a bit of a funk.  It was a freak accident, and having it sudden like that took him a while to process.  It was sad all around!
The official end of cheer season has come and gone.  Sav misses it for sure, competition cheer is really her thing!  She has filled the void with lacrosse for now!  We are all having fun learning a new sport... and Wes loves that practices are at the community center, so we get plenty of playground time in these days!!  Olivia has joined the track team at the high school, and despite a few health setbacks, she is really enjoying it!  Hopefully she will be cleared to participate in a meet soon and we can go and cheer her on!

In baby news, we are quickly approaching the 32 week mark which will send us back to Maine Med for one last scan.  I'll be glad to see the boy again~ he moves all the time now, and I'm starting to feel big.  I think I have the summer mapped out, I'll work Oakwoods and the big barn as long as I can handle it, and have a few more massages lined up into the beginning of June.  Once the kids are out of school I plan to take those 10 days or so to just relax, then before you know it he will be here!  I love how the little boy's room is turning out, it's honestly my favorite place these days!  I'm trying not to order more stuff- but man is it hard!  Baby clothes are so cute... I just cant help it!  Plus, Wes was a winter baby.... sooooo, I need all new stuff right?!