Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nicholas Dean, 1yr

I guess I should be used to it by know, but time sure does fly!  I can't believe that Nic is already one!  His birthday was Monday, and Anna and Ed hosted a big teddy bear picnic party on Saturday.  The weather turned nice, and it was such a fun afternoon with yummy food and fun.  With our kids, and cousin Jack plus all the kiddos on Ed's side it was a festive crew and so nice to see everyone celebrating Nic!
 One of the highlights for sure was the pinata.  It was so cute to see the kids pulling the strings (which never worked) and then trying to bash it with the bat!  Liv did a good job of running the rope- keeping it jumping for the older kids and hanging steady for the younger.  Wes really had fun- he did a good job waiting his turn but sure did enjoy batting when he got the chance!

 Anna had made a baby (a couple actually) angle food cake (the traditional Houston birthday cake)
 It worked well, as it was so soft and dissolved easily as Nic ate the whole thing!  He is such a food hound, and devoured it.  He never really smashed it- just picked it right up and got to work eating it!  He was so cute all covered in chocolate!
 It was amazing with as many kids as there were, there were no meltdowns.  Everyone did so well!  Nic and Olivia opened his gifts and he shared them well.  One of Anna's Sisters in Law is due just a week before we are, so it was nice to visit with them a bit- the girls enjoy Kristan, and it will be fun to have babies so close in age.  I'm sure we will keep Uncle Ed and Auntie Anna busy with the new little ones this summer. 

Speaking of new little ones; we took the opportunity while little Jack was here to grab a group shot!  It wont be long before there is one more boy to add to the scene, but for now these are the Houston Grandchildren!  It was so nice to see Krista and Brad and finally meet mr. Jack.  He is adorable of course, and I tried to soak up every moment I could with him.  It's hard to have a nephew so far away...  
That evening as we watched the Kentucky Derby I was reminiscing that last year we watched from Anna's hospital room!  Happy Birthday Nic- we love you so much!  

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  1. Wow what great pics, and Angel Food cakes we like, and especially for the wee ones...