Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7-29-12 One (1) Month

I'm going to do monthly pictures with Wyatt too!
Here he is on 7-29 one month old!
His photo shoot was much quicker than any of Wes'; I think I got about 7 pictures total.  Wes wanted to be in every one, wanted the bear, wanted the blanket... there was no time to snap shots in between protecting the baby from big brother!
 After looking back to Wes' first month post, I think Wyatt actually looks a little bigger- but, he actually weighs less.  He hit the 8lb mark on his 1 month birthday- he was 8lbs .05ozs that morning! 
 He is in NB sized cloths still, I'm glad to get a good amount of wear from them... but worried that summer will draw to a close before he gets too much time in his 0-3month outfits! 
He nurses and bottle feeds- about 50-50.  He eats 1-3ozs from the bottle at a time and has no trouble going back and forth.  He sleeps most nights from 10ish to somewhere between 2 and 3am, then nurses and sometimes needs a bottle too (about half the nights he does both) then back to sleep until 6 or so.  He usually eats and naps again right away, but by then Wes is up... so my day begins!  He fitfully sleeps during the day- unless I can hold him.  He really wants to be a tummy sleeper and does so much better if you can let him sleep on your chest!  Otherwise, the swing or bounce seat will do- but he doesn't sleep as long or as well.  Thus, naps are inconsistent and sporadic... I hope he grows out of this.
He doesn't like the car too much- and he doesn't fit his car seat well either- I bought an insert that seems to help, but he still slumps over really easily!  If he isn't well fed he will fuss and cry in the car- another thing I hope he grows out of... given how much running around we do! 
He now fits the tinkle traps, his cloth was really almost too big at first, but we folded them and made do.  These days he can wear them without tucking or folding... and he fills them regularly!  He is a big pooper- goes pretty  much constantly!  Every dipe is soiled it seems.  
His hair seems to be lightening to a reddish dirty blond- maybe like cousin Nics color?!  His eyes still seem blue- we shall see! 
It's been a fun, fast month!  I can't believe it's been that long already.  Wes has done so well with the transition, it's like Wy belonged here all along!  We are so lucky to have another happy healthy baby!!


Here it is, the end of July and we hadn't been up to the cabin! 
We had blocked off a string of days to go, and then Grandma Houston's back surgery got scheduled for the same week... so I pushed our trip back.  Her recovery was going slowly, and I felt like Bill should be with his Mom during her convalescence... so not wanting to cancel again I took the kids myself... well, Olivia stayed home to help with Grandma care- so I took the other kids.
Westley and Billy went up with Mom and Dad the day before, and Wes did great sleeping at the cabin.  He was in the car and all buckled to go about 10 mins before anyone else was ready!  He couldn't get going fast enough!  Here I though he might miss me...! 
Baby Wyatt was great for his first trip- he enjoyed his first campfire and had a good time hanging out with Grandma Beth (who had a bad back flare up, and needed a snuggle partner!)  I had changed his formula and bought plastic diapers for the trip (I have barely 2 days worth of cloth even if I stretch them... and with no place to wash I would have run out long before we came home!) and by that first night his poor bum was a mess!  I went out for new formula again... ugg, and new diapers... he cleared up quick, so I'm not sure which caused it- but I sure did feel bad for the little guy!
 The weather was not ideal- sort of overcast and grey- but not too cold, and we did have some breaks of sun, but since it wasn't sit at the beach all day weather we looked for a few other things to do.  One was a visit to the local (just a quick walk down the trail) school for some playground fun!

 We also made the obligatory visit to StoryLand!  I keep waiting for the older kids to outgrow the place... but they still jump at the chance to go!  Everyone love this place!  There is the perfect mix of things to do... it keeps everyone happy!   

 Since I was intent on getting some beach time in, we did spend a day at the water- we did a morning trip to the Saco and then did the afternoon on the lake.  Mom's back was real bad- so I took all the kids, and gear and went myself.  It was pushing my comfort a bit- 5 kids and the water to watch.  Wy was in a "don't put me down" mood, do I never got to relax- I was on major Mom duty.  Sunscreen,, snacks, towels, tubes...  I had brought only one extra chair and heard a lot of "I was sitting there..."  
 I was able to finally get Wy to conk out, after flashing my breastfeeding boobs to a number of kayak and canoe groups floating by.  He was in major nurse and fuss mode and I couldn't fight him and watch the other 4- so I just nursed there by the water instead of my nice shade tent!

I felt badly Mom didn't feel great- but we still had a grand time!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Our friends Bob and Cathy are so kind and generous...

They gave us their swing set for Wes!
Actually, they left the final decision to Morgan; he (10yrs) said he was done with it, and Wes could have it to play on!  We had been to their house earlier in the week and Wes was climbing all over it- he clearly was ready for his own play structure.  It was so kind of them to pass it along!  It is in such great shape too- I bet we can pay it forward when we are finally done with it too- there are years and years of play left!

After they called and offered it to us Bill and the boys and I went over and took it apart, hauled it home and set it up!

We have one Little Boy who is in Heaven!!

actually all the kids have been enjoying it!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Berry picking is one of my favorite summer activities!  I just love taking the kids out to gather fruits... this past week we got our blueberries!  I think Anna calculated a total of over 20 lbs we picked!
 The crop was great, and it worked out that Krista and Jack were here- so we were able to take all the cousins together!

I made 2 cakes (a dump cake and a crumb cake) and 6 pints of jam plus we ate a ton of the fresh berries.  I decided to try my hand at canning this year; this jam was my second attempt; I did strawberry as well.  I think I got a bit better this time, or at least it seemed easier!  I'm pleased with my results... I just love the little ball jars.  Come winter it will be so nice to have that fresh berry taste~ and all the fun memories of a summer day spent picking!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Milk Drunk

The aftermath of our first formula:

(and yes, I did fix his head right after taking these pictures!)

the first 2 weeks

Time sure flies; Wyatt has been home 2 weeks now!  We have had a busy- but restful 2 weeks!
Grandma Beth came to stay when Daddy had to go back to work, it sure was nice to have the extra hands in those first few days~ Thanks Mom!
We had other visitors as well: Audrey came to say hello (and play with Savanna!)
Linda and Patrick came one night, and Cindi too.  We have such great friends~ its so fun to share our new guy with them! 
Mom-Mom (and Mom) came the day I had my follow up (things look great- my swelling is down (30lbs lost in 10 days... not too shabby for a 6 1/2lb baby!  Guess there was significant fluid there huh!?)  Unfortunately carpal tunnel is a remaining issue.) 
Wyatt doesn't love getting a bath but he tolerates it pretty well.  I'm now putting the baby tub over the laundry sink and bathing him downstairs, but for his "1st" bath we did him on the kitchen table.  He was pretty cute, and Wes wanted to help (and then have a turn in the tubby!) Mom and Mom-Mom were here so it was especially fun.

Since I am not doing Oakwoods, or cleaning the big barn things have been pretty low key and relaxing.  We have had plenty of time for snuggles and hanging out!
We have been on a few walks- nothing too far, just around the house.

At his 2 week check Wyatt was 19 2/4"(between the 25th and 50th%) and 6lbs 6oz (10th%) he will now be getting some supplemental formula.  I'm sad about it, similar to the way I felt with Wes... "why can't I feed my own children?!"  But, I suppose I should be glad we can provide for him... he will eat, and he will gain and grow... I'll continue to nurse, and he will have bottles too (which makes Bill happy... he enjoys feeding too!)
Wy is starting to track with his eyes, is pretty strong and throws his head around quite a bit.  He follows light/shadow and bold colors occasionally.  He listens to voices, and turns to the sound of my talking.  He loves to he held and is a very snugly baby.  He doesn't sleep well unless being held- we are working on that!  He will rest in the swing or bounce seat if the vibrate/swing is on- but not as long or as well as when he is on your chest!  He often has to be woken up at the 3hr mark during the day- he needs to eat!  He is a growing boy and we love him so much!

Friday, July 13, 2012


It's going to be a quiet summer for me and the horses I suspect.  Their routine care continues... but I don't imagine I'll have much ride time for a while yet... 
 Assuming he stays sound, Olivia plans to hunt Beau this fall.  She has been working with him and is really having fun (I think!)  They are very cute together- their "hair" matches! 
 The horses were all due for dental work... they get their teeth floated every other year.  In an attempt to spread out the bill, I made two appointments this time.  The herd had their vaccinations earlier in the spring, and I held off until now to have the vet out to do their mouths.  I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me that we would be buying hay this month too... sigh.  It's never easy to plan for this sort of thing!  Everyone knows having horses is expensive... but I about died when I got the bill- it was double what I expected it to be.  But, that's horse ownership for you- and thankfully this was a "planned" vet bill- not a sudden, unexpected one! 
 Part of the extra expense was due to the fact that Grace is massive, and doesn't love her mouth fussed with; so she needed more meds than the usual dose: Cha-ching!  They were very good with her, and got the job done with minimal fussing.  She did have some sharp points, so I was happy to have her taken care of.  Bill had ridden her last week and said she was playing with the bit more than usual- he even changed it out to see if that would help... if she continues to fuss, I'll be glad to know it's not her mouth bothering her.  She was so sleepy after her work she had to have some help holding her head up while she supervised Poke!
 Our next problem child had a cracked tooth that they recommended extracting.  Cha-ching!  He had it pulled, then shots of antibiotics and pain mends... then bute and antibiotics which he will need for 2 weeks... yeah, you get the idea: Cha-ching...!
 Squeeke has a few teeth we need to watch, and Beau was so good I didn't even have time for a picture!  He was hanging his head over the wall begging for attention the whole time Squeeke was being done.  I'm not sure that by the time they moved into his stall he was so sure he really wanted it! 
I'll admit it has taken a while for the sting to wear off after writing that check!  I am so thankful Bill has a good job, and we can afford to give our animals the care they deserve!  But I will admit I am ever so grateful that they were all noted: "reevaluate in 2 years!"  

July 4th

Since we were due July 3rd we left 4th of July plans up in the air... I had hoped people would congregate here so we could participate in the festivities, but also take it easy... Leaving it this way, we ended up with a very low key holiday... which was fine by me! 
 Grandma and Grandpa Houston came down for dinner- the girls and Grandma were a big help in grilling and making a yummy berry dessert.  Waiting for it to be dark enough for pyrotechnics was hard for those who normally go to bed early...
 Bill had bought a ton of fireworks; they are legal in Maine this year (not that that stopped him in the past!) and was a bit disappointed that we didn't have a crowd to watch them.  I thought they were great though, and the kids had a lot of fun helping to set them off!  Wes and I sat in the grass and were the "audience" while Wyatt slept thru the whole thing in the living room!

Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


After enjoying the beach so much we had planned to go back the next day with Bill.  But, that week before Wy was born was also prime hay making weather... So, between the load we got on Father's Day and then on our second scheduled beach day we ended up filling the hay lofts (and empty stalls in the barn) up!
 I got the job of truck driver this year... a bonus to being that pregnant!  I hardly touched a bale
 Savanna's friend Audrey was here for the beach, but when we got the cal for hay she stepped right up!  She said she wanted to help... I said she didn't know what she was agreeing to!
It was a hot day, and Bill was working when the call came in.  But, when the hay man calls... I call my Dad!  Poppie and the kids did great out in the field, we got this load ourselves!  Bill and his Dad and Anna all met up with us and we were able to get the rest in a second load.  We need another pick-up full, but for all intents and purposes we are ready for winter!