Friday, July 13, 2012


It's going to be a quiet summer for me and the horses I suspect.  Their routine care continues... but I don't imagine I'll have much ride time for a while yet... 
 Assuming he stays sound, Olivia plans to hunt Beau this fall.  She has been working with him and is really having fun (I think!)  They are very cute together- their "hair" matches! 
 The horses were all due for dental work... they get their teeth floated every other year.  In an attempt to spread out the bill, I made two appointments this time.  The herd had their vaccinations earlier in the spring, and I held off until now to have the vet out to do their mouths.  I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me that we would be buying hay this month too... sigh.  It's never easy to plan for this sort of thing!  Everyone knows having horses is expensive... but I about died when I got the bill- it was double what I expected it to be.  But, that's horse ownership for you- and thankfully this was a "planned" vet bill- not a sudden, unexpected one! 
 Part of the extra expense was due to the fact that Grace is massive, and doesn't love her mouth fussed with; so she needed more meds than the usual dose: Cha-ching!  They were very good with her, and got the job done with minimal fussing.  She did have some sharp points, so I was happy to have her taken care of.  Bill had ridden her last week and said she was playing with the bit more than usual- he even changed it out to see if that would help... if she continues to fuss, I'll be glad to know it's not her mouth bothering her.  She was so sleepy after her work she had to have some help holding her head up while she supervised Poke!
 Our next problem child had a cracked tooth that they recommended extracting.  Cha-ching!  He had it pulled, then shots of antibiotics and pain mends... then bute and antibiotics which he will need for 2 weeks... yeah, you get the idea: Cha-ching...!
 Squeeke has a few teeth we need to watch, and Beau was so good I didn't even have time for a picture!  He was hanging his head over the wall begging for attention the whole time Squeeke was being done.  I'm not sure that by the time they moved into his stall he was so sure he really wanted it! 
I'll admit it has taken a while for the sting to wear off after writing that check!  I am so thankful Bill has a good job, and we can afford to give our animals the care they deserve!  But I will admit I am ever so grateful that they were all noted: "reevaluate in 2 years!"  

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