Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the first 2 weeks

Time sure flies; Wyatt has been home 2 weeks now!  We have had a busy- but restful 2 weeks!
Grandma Beth came to stay when Daddy had to go back to work, it sure was nice to have the extra hands in those first few days~ Thanks Mom!
We had other visitors as well: Audrey came to say hello (and play with Savanna!)
Linda and Patrick came one night, and Cindi too.  We have such great friends~ its so fun to share our new guy with them! 
Mom-Mom (and Mom) came the day I had my follow up (things look great- my swelling is down (30lbs lost in 10 days... not too shabby for a 6 1/2lb baby!  Guess there was significant fluid there huh!?)  Unfortunately carpal tunnel is a remaining issue.) 
Wyatt doesn't love getting a bath but he tolerates it pretty well.  I'm now putting the baby tub over the laundry sink and bathing him downstairs, but for his "1st" bath we did him on the kitchen table.  He was pretty cute, and Wes wanted to help (and then have a turn in the tubby!) Mom and Mom-Mom were here so it was especially fun.

Since I am not doing Oakwoods, or cleaning the big barn things have been pretty low key and relaxing.  We have had plenty of time for snuggles and hanging out!
We have been on a few walks- nothing too far, just around the house.

At his 2 week check Wyatt was 19 2/4"(between the 25th and 50th%) and 6lbs 6oz (10th%) he will now be getting some supplemental formula.  I'm sad about it, similar to the way I felt with Wes... "why can't I feed my own children?!"  But, I suppose I should be glad we can provide for him... he will eat, and he will gain and grow... I'll continue to nurse, and he will have bottles too (which makes Bill happy... he enjoys feeding too!)
Wy is starting to track with his eyes, is pretty strong and throws his head around quite a bit.  He follows light/shadow and bold colors occasionally.  He listens to voices, and turns to the sound of my talking.  He loves to he held and is a very snugly baby.  He doesn't sleep well unless being held- we are working on that!  He will rest in the swing or bounce seat if the vibrate/swing is on- but not as long or as well as when he is on your chest!  He often has to be woken up at the 3hr mark during the day- he needs to eat!  He is a growing boy and we love him so much!


  1. aw shucks ! those boys are sooooo darn cute !!! I need cuddle / tickle time cindi

  2. What a cutie - I love all the new photos! Also, don't put another thought into things - your are a great Mom and that has nothing to do with milk production - it is the sum of the million and a half infinitely wonderful things you do for them - everyday for the rest of their lives :)