Saturday, November 28, 2009


There are many things I have to be thankful for this year, but I am most appreciative of a healthy pregnancy (ok, minus the leg ordeal!) and my amazing family! Between Bill and I we have quite a crew living nearby, and I am so glad to have all of them in my life- Thursday afforded us the opportunity to all gather for am amazing meal and some quality time together!

With a large communal effort, we hosted- I had much help with the cleaning, cooking, setting up, serving, and cleaning! Everyone pitched in and did a part- and the meal went off without a hitch! We had 15 (Krista and Brad were stuck in traffic on the way to his parents and ended up late to our house- we missed them for the dinner- but they had plates full when they arrived, and then we did dessert together)

In addition to the turkey, Anna made a roast, so with the two meats and many many sides there was plenty to eat, and it was all delicious! I must admit I ate a rather large plate full... After the fact, when I realized there was only so much room in my belly for a baby AND a Thanksgiving feast I wished I had taken it a bit easier- but man oh man it was a great meal!

Savanna is in photo club at school, and one of this weeks "assignments" was a group picture (with people) so she organized us for a family shot- minus herself, as she was behind the lens... we have my Mom and Dad, Bill's Mom and Dad, the 4 of us, My sister and Brother in Law and their boys, and Bills sister and brother in law. This was the crew for this year, next year there will be one more...

Baby shower pictures

I hopped down the stairs today, and after a false start (why didn't I notice I had to go to the bathroom until AFTER I got down here?!) got my camera plugged in and uploaded- so here are a few shower pictures... Billy was in charge of taking photos, so none are great... but the memories sure are!
Baby Bear party favor on one of the tables. My Mom made the gift bags (see them on her blog) and then they sprinkled the tables with candy and all of the room was dotted with little stuffed woodland critters- to match our nursery theme...
As I said- the gift pile was stunning- we are so blessed to have such giving, caring friends and family... we received an amazing amount of stuff!

My cousin Jesse made the most adorable cake that also matched the nursery theme perfectly- the cake was moist, and the frosting creamy and not too sweet- just the way I like it!

Ignore the second chin, clearly the boy needs help in understanding camera angle! I still can't believe the gifts we got... Baby, you need to hurry so we can start to play with it all! Note the three generations of ladies- all in blue... and Savanna enjoying the blue cake!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Shower part 1- no pictures

Since my computer- and all my photo software and dock etc. are downstairs... down the spiral stairs... and way out of my reach for now, I have to post photo-less. My Mom has promised to hack in here one day and add some pictures from her camera, but for now here is the link to her blog, where she posted a couple already (the invite is quite a few posts back, then the cake and favors are closer to the top)

Last Saturday was my baby shower- we had such a nice time, and, unusually for me, I was mildly surprised! I was under the impression that the shower was to be held here (my home is the largest of the family... and most central... and I'm home bound...) but in actuality they hosted at the lovely hotel on the beach where my sister works. The room was beautiful- all decorated in blue and yellow and green, with tons of "woodland" critters that all match our nursery theme! The cake (made by my talented cousin Jesse) was adorable- almost too cute to eat! The pile of gifts was stunning... really I was blown away by the kindness and generosity of our friends and family!

I got some really amazing things- stuff I had registered for, and some stuff others picked out... man is baby stuff adorable these days! I'll admit a pang of disappointment when we found out we are having a boy- mostly for the "stuff" though~ I so wanted to shop for cute girl things... but man oh man there are some great baby boy things to be had! We got the stroller and swing I wanted, a bath tub set and baby sling/backpack carrier, TONS of clothes and toys, medical/baby care stuff, a changing pad and cover, shoes, socks, blankets and more! The stack is sitting in the living room and nearly covers the bay window! I had them leave it all up here, so I can finger it at will!

His new dresser has arrived, and will come in tow with my Mom and Dad on turkey day, so the "set up" will begin downstairs... I have 2 more weeks in the hard cast, until they recheck and hopefully I can move into an air cast and get cleared for more mobility... I can't wait! I am a bit worried- I still have some pain and swelling issues, but I am hopeful. Yesterday made us 32 weeks... we are closing in- now I've got Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then Christmas to get thru- I have a feeling time is going to fly!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

I'm resting up today- we had a really busy weekend, and I think I may have overdone it... so today it is back to the chair for me! I have some laundry that needs to be done, and will have to bake a birthday treat for school tomorrow later on but otherwise I'm trying to stay off my foot!

Friday was Savanna's family party- she chose quiche (for the second year in a row!) for her birthday dinner- so between making 2 of those, and cleaning and decorating from my wheelie chair- not to mention the party itself, I was pretty pooped at the end of the day. My Mom slept over and helped with clean up etc, so it was really quite manageable. Then Saturday Savanna wanted a trip to the mall as her major gift from my Mom... so off we went! I wheeled around, and Savanna had a ball. She got some cool clothes and a second set of holes in her ears... she is thrilled with herself! Bill and I got her a loft bed with a desk underneath- so between all of that, she had a pretty great b-day! And the real day isn't even until tomorrow... Yipes! Double digits here we come!

Yesterday Mom drove me down to Mass for Kelley's baby shower. After 2 long days it was a third big event, but I really wanted to go! I have promised a quilt for Kelley and Geoff way back from their wedding- so knew I wanted to at least get a baby one done. Mom helped me get it finished and we were able to have it for her at the shower. I am thrilled for them- their baby boy is due 3 weeks before ours, and I'm so happy to have somebody to share all of this with! I have been just about as compulsive about checking her Babies-r-us registry as I have been about checking mine! Her friends and family were very generous and she go some cute stuff! Seeing her there (as well as another college friend who is also pregnant) really got me excited for my shower.... I know its coming up!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hanging in there

The days are passing... slowly and sometimes painfully so, but passing none-the less. I now count down in weeks for the leg, and up in weeks for the baby! I am at 30 weeks 2 days on baby count... and getting VERY excited for showers and such and at 3 weeks 5 days before the next ortho appointment. With a baby shower to attend soon and mine on the horizon?!, Savanna's 10th b-day next week, Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping and the holiday rush; I am looking to all that needs to be done and wondering how it will all happen. I know it will fall into place nicely, and I'm sure we will make it thru just fine... but I am certainly "busy" in my head as I continue to sit around taking one day at a time and thrilling over small victories~ yesterday I washed my own hair!

We will start physical therapy on the rest of my body (everything BUT the right leg) next week, at the request of my OB who is worried about the risks of such a sedentary lifestyle (I was pleased with my minimal 3lb weight gain last appt. after doing nothing but sitting and eating for a month!) for laboring and caring for an new born. We will also start back with birthing classes which were put on hold when the accident happened. I have been shopping on-line for all my cloth diapering needs, and today, home for Veteran's day, Savanna spent some time diapering and dressing a menagerie of stuffed critters. She wanted to "practice!" It was too cute!

I miss the fall air, and sometimes look out the windows and lament the perfect riding days I am missing, but I know I must do as prescribed so I heal well and will be ready for the baby... There is a lot going on, I keep fairly busy and am much more mobile- getting good with my crutches and wheeled desk chair and on outings my Mom got a nice wheel chair with a leg lift, so I can comfortably be out for an hour or two... assuming somebody drives me and totes all my gear! This will pass though, and soon enough I'll be back on my feet, and not too much longer before we have a baby in arms...