Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nearby to Santa

Olivia's High School Chorus group sang christmas carols at the town tree lighting ceremony on Saturday.  Jon Leeke was here visiting, so we all went downtown to participate in the festivities.   
 We really wanted to get Wes' picture with Santa.  However, just a few seconds after we arrived at the mill field, we had a diaper accident.  He was napping when it was time to leave the house, so I changed him carefully as he slept...and I guess I didn't get the snaps tight enough.  He was standing looking as Santa thru the gazebo when he peed all down his leg... he soaked his pants... so I walked back to the car... but, when I left for shopping Friday I had thrown the diaper bag into the truck... an never grabbed it back.... so.... no pants for Wes! 

Even with the familiarity of Poppie's beard, Wes wanted nothing to do with Santa.  Mrs. Claus' goodie bags, however were temptation enough to get near  Santa!


Bill got my stall doors on!  I am so happy with the barn right now.  I am waiting on the door handles/latches so for now they just slide closed and the stall guards are still up inside... but, they are up and functional! 

Halter hooks, blanket bars... it's almost like a "real" barn now!

More Fall Happenings

We are having an unusually mild fall (despite 2 full snow storms!  Wacky!!) which has meant we have been able to be out and about.  Anna and I have ridden in most of the Wednesday hunts, and we went to a beach ride as well!  Beau was very good, and I went again with Linda and Miller and he was fine then too.  I'm hopeful his shenanigans from last year are behind us!
 The group hosted a nice lunch that afternoon at the beach, and Nick was too cute in his blue bunting sitting by the trailers!
 We have slowly been stacking the firewood- Bill was so busy with the barn this summer/fall that we opted to buy a few loads.  So, its a much easier task- we only need to stack it... but somehow we are behind!  It won't be too long now before the cold weather really hits... so we had better get a move on.
 At Billy's Cub Pack meeting, his Webelos group did some skits- he had fun getting up there and "acting."  All the kids in the pack had roles or told jokes/poems.  They were all very cute and we had a nice potluck meal as well!
 I just loved this picture of Grandpa Houston and Nick~ sitting in front of the farm house
 The horses are all happy and well, Grace and Beau and Squeeke are into the routine of coming in at night, and seem to enjoy the barn!  For the most part they have worked thru all the apple trees, but still have green grass.  It's been such a mild November!
Savanna's football cheer season is over, and competition has begun already! 
Olivia had 2 more IEA shows, but I missed both... one when Savy and Billy had activities and BIll took her and one while I was Black Friday shopping.  She got a first and then a 4th place... she has one more show (but not until February) to make her points for Regionals. 

Time is flying, and soon winter will be upon us!


After a white Halloween we woke up to a white Thanksgiving too!  I'm not sure what that means for Christmas, but I've got my fingers crossed~  We had Thanksgiving dinner here at our house after a big brunch up at the farm house. The boys and men went "over the river and thru the woods" or, more specifically up the hill and thru the field!  Beth had made a wonderful morning meal, and it was such a nice way to start the day!  After all that eating, I had to get the turkey in the oven... but it was a fun, filling day with the whole family around!  Baby Nick did great with his carrots, another 1st Thanksgiving meal for a "Houston" baby this year.
We opted to arrange the tables side by side as we numbered 20 (with Nick and Wes not getting chairs) The food was all very good (too much as usual) and the company grand. The kids were all very well behaved and everyone seemed to have a good time!
 Topping my Thankful list this year: our new barn and Krista and Brad's upcoming baby!
Writing this a few days late, I can say that the only issue (in addition to the need for more fridge space) with our dinner was that there must have been a bug in the house... by Saturday night everyone but us 6 and my Mom and Dad had a stomach thing.  I'm also thankful that we were spared!

Birthday Girl

Savanna turned 12 last week!  It's hard to believe she is an official "tween" now, and this year will fly... before we know it she will be a teenager too!  She is really growing up~

 We had a family dinner in her honor- spaghetti and meatballs at her request.  She got a new bike from Bill and I.  Her old bike was way too small and didn't have any shocks- and on our driveway and the roads around here; they are really necessary.  I hope she takes good care of it, we picked her out a Schwinn that should carry her for years to come!
 Savanna wanted to bake her own cake for her birthday- so I found some small loaf pans and she made everyone their own individual cake.  She iced them, and decorated them with her initials SJH.  They were really good!
So, here's to another year with our Savy girl...!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Fish

Today, at our Mommie and Me swim class Wes took off swimming!  He has been wearing a turtle type float pack, and the instructor and I discussed switching to a bouyed belt.  Not 5 minutes into the class he was off on his own!  He has been kicking pretty well for a while now but tended to topple forward and dunk himself; then as he sputtered he would stop kicking... this new belt has a bubble we can put on his chest to help him not be so top heavy.  It was just the thing he needed!  Way to go Wes!!

Our YMCA doesn't allow cameras in the pool area... I may have to break the rules next week and get a picture or two!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Show

Yesterday was York Equestrians home show... hosted at Grey Stone Stables.  This is the team's first time hosting alone... the past years they have co-hosted with other IEA teams.  It was a lot of work, and the team did a great job organizing... I must say it was a very efficient well run event.  Squeeke and Nick went along to join the other "team" horses, and both were very good ponies!
Squeeke did 3 back- to - back beginner classes, and was tired, but very well behaved!  She was so cute- the teams all loved her!  There was another palomino pony "spanky" and for one class they were both ridden~ it was adorable!
Krista is up visiting, so she was able to come by for a while, and Poppie brought all the boys down in enough time to watch Olivia too.  Dad got stuck holding horses (Squeeke!) for a while, but with the hosting job comes a lot of positions that need filling!  I worked the concession stand, then held horses... Bill practically held all day!
Olivia got "Edison" in the draw- a great pick since she lessons on him, and loves to ride him!  He was "out of sorts" and ended up bucking with a kid in a later class- Liv said he wasn't listening well, but she seemed to do well!  She didn't place as high as I thought she might (6th) but seemed to enjoy the ride! 

I just got word that the concession stand made over $700 for the team!  It was a great day, well organized with great mounts and a very positive environment.  Go York! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For the most part, the tack room has come together.  I'm hopeful that the ceiling will be going in tomorrow (that's the wood leaning up)
 Bill built me a nice big, deep grain bin... I love it!  It holds a ton of grain, and keeps it all nice and neat and not spilling out onto the floor!
 Anna handed down to me a set of cupboards, uppers and lowers!  They are maybe not the prettiest (unless you love the late 80s!) but they are very functional and will help keep all our stuff organized!  I think I am really going to like having the counter space.
The back wall is all saddles, and the side bridles and trunks.  I'm sure there will be a bit more tweaking, but for now it is functioning well; I need to figure out blanket storage... and a second "back" door is still in the works... but mostly my tack room is done!


Friday Night we went to the school Halloween party- it won't be too many more years where we will be able to attend... Savanna wished she had volunteered instead of playing the games.
 Billy is an army guy.  I told him "sniper" wasn't maybe such a good idea.  Olivia is an "undead," Savy a cowboy cheerleader and Wes a dragon.
 We had talked to Wes about Halloween, and hoped he wouldnt be afraid. He did great! He had fun playing the games and loved getting "treats!" He can't say "trick-or-treat" but sqeals a pretty good "Eee-T"
 Sunday found us with no power, so we opted to wait until Monday (actual Halloween) and go down into Sanford.  We picked up Nic and all the cousins went together.  Liv modified her costume a bit, and was a nice all black "back-drop" for the little punkin.'  Savy went with a plain cowgirl, since the cheer skirt was going to be too cold. 
Wes did great walking around the neighborhood we picked, and held up his pumpkin basket for all his "Eee-Ts"  We did the "trunk-or-treat" in Sanford too.  Overall the kids did great, only a little complaniing, and loads of candy!

October Snow

One morning last week we woke up to snow!  It started gently falling as we were getting ready for bed, and made the world so white and new again.  This first snow was especially beautiful since we still have quite a bit of fall foliage around!  I cant recall a snow that stuck this early- it was quite fun!  Wes was cute getting reaquainted with the white stuff-

Blissfully unaware, I enjoyed this first snow.  Little did I know, we were in for a
real Nor'Easter just a few days later!

Sunday I woke up to this... a foot of heavy wet snow, and NO power!
 Never mind though, Liv's show was canceled, it was a weekend suddenly free, and the horses were all tucked safely inside!
 Bill and Olivisa toiled a bit to get the "new" snowmobile running, then there was much zooming around!  I think both sleds used a tank of gas!  I must admit to a few trips around the field myself!

The kids went in and out all day, and Wes learned the fine art of slurping hot cocoa.
 Since we were nearing the 24 hour mark with no power and Grandma Beth had brought us lunch, we needed to think about cooking some dinner.  Auntie Anna slaved over the fire at the farm house and made a wonderful beef stew!  We ate melting ice cream for dessert, and it was a wonderful day... even if we did miss the towns "Beggar's Night" trick or treating.
 The littlest cousins fell right to sleep after an exciting day
I hope this isn't a taste of whats to come...we were without power short of 2 days... and I am so not ready for winter yet!