Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Show

Yesterday was York Equestrians home show... hosted at Grey Stone Stables.  This is the team's first time hosting alone... the past years they have co-hosted with other IEA teams.  It was a lot of work, and the team did a great job organizing... I must say it was a very efficient well run event.  Squeeke and Nick went along to join the other "team" horses, and both were very good ponies!
Squeeke did 3 back- to - back beginner classes, and was tired, but very well behaved!  She was so cute- the teams all loved her!  There was another palomino pony "spanky" and for one class they were both ridden~ it was adorable!
Krista is up visiting, so she was able to come by for a while, and Poppie brought all the boys down in enough time to watch Olivia too.  Dad got stuck holding horses (Squeeke!) for a while, but with the hosting job comes a lot of positions that need filling!  I worked the concession stand, then held horses... Bill practically held all day!
Olivia got "Edison" in the draw- a great pick since she lessons on him, and loves to ride him!  He was "out of sorts" and ended up bucking with a kid in a later class- Liv said he wasn't listening well, but she seemed to do well!  She didn't place as high as I thought she might (6th) but seemed to enjoy the ride! 

I just got word that the concession stand made over $700 for the team!  It was a great day, well organized with great mounts and a very positive environment.  Go York! 

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