Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Friday Night we went to the school Halloween party- it won't be too many more years where we will be able to attend... Savanna wished she had volunteered instead of playing the games.
 Billy is an army guy.  I told him "sniper" wasn't maybe such a good idea.  Olivia is an "undead," Savy a cowboy cheerleader and Wes a dragon.
 We had talked to Wes about Halloween, and hoped he wouldnt be afraid. He did great! He had fun playing the games and loved getting "treats!" He can't say "trick-or-treat" but sqeals a pretty good "Eee-T"
 Sunday found us with no power, so we opted to wait until Monday (actual Halloween) and go down into Sanford.  We picked up Nic and all the cousins went together.  Liv modified her costume a bit, and was a nice all black "back-drop" for the little punkin.'  Savy went with a plain cowgirl, since the cheer skirt was going to be too cold. 
Wes did great walking around the neighborhood we picked, and held up his pumpkin basket for all his "Eee-Ts"  We did the "trunk-or-treat" in Sanford too.  Overall the kids did great, only a little complaniing, and loads of candy!


  1. So fantastic - and I love Wes as a dinosaur - what an adorable costume!

  2. hi-im from malaysia
    i like the dinosaur very much :D