Saturday, July 31, 2010


About 4 days after Wes was crawling he started pulling up. We are in trouble! Mobility is a big deal, but he wants to stand most of all and will work himself over to anything in his reach and pull right up. I'm thrilled with his strength and determination, but man. I got about 10 days of being able to sit him on the floor with toys while I got things done. Now I can't leave him for a second! He is right into trouble... Bill wants to get him a helmet and knee pads... I think he might need them!

Pier Pressure

Anybody who know Bill knows he has had serious boat fever these past few years! In fact, most of what we got when we sold Bagira was a sail boat! It didn't work out as the kids were not into sailing (really it was Olivia's terrified screaming whenever the boat keeled over in the wind that ruined it for me) and ever since Bill has been dreaming of a "new" boat. Well, she's here. Pier Pressure (or Out Straight if we ever get a new paint job) arrived today! This is a 1987 SeaRay weekender that Bill has researched and feels like is the perfect boat for us!
There is a nice little cabin and room for all of us if we want to do over nights with a small kitchen and toilet. It has the capabilities to do into the ocean or lakes and such. It is 23 feet long and will do nicely for a "starter" boat- it will go fast enough to pull tubes or water skis and is still small enough to easily trailer in and out of public launches so we can explore all around. We had to borrow a bit from my Mom and Dad (thanks guys!) since Bill had not saved enough when this one got dropped in price but it was still within our boat budget. It needs a little cosmetic work, but everything runs great and Bill has big plans for us... Pier Pressure!

A Good day with Grace

While we were up at Cindi's camp yesterday she let me know I was welcome to her Klimke while she plays around with her new Jon Lyons western saddle. I was so happy, I love this saddle!! It was what I bought when I was competing Poke. It didn't fit Bagira so I sold it to finance his saddle when Poke retired. I kick myself constantly for doing so...
It fits Gracie beautifully and is like a couch to sit in. Sigh. My a** is indebted to Cindi for loaning it to us! Having it here meant holiday was over for Gracie-Girl. I feel like she has had plenty of adjustment time and loads of love and attention... so work began today!
We took it VERY easy, just mostly walking up and down the driveway with Beau along for company. We did some laps around the lawn with a little loose trot work and went down the back trail; just to the first intersection. Grace was ready to go, very forward thinking but never put a foot wrong! She was a bit tense, I think she was waiting to be asked to "do" something. But, I just wanted it to be no stress: just checking tack (she was a tad fussy to bridle- which we knew might be a problem... so after we ride, we rebridled 2 more times just to practice. Should be easy to work thru!) and thinking about being a riding horse! I had to go fetch them from the far side of the field, it was a sunny, beautiful cool day with a nice breeze, I'm sure these two would have rather just grazed... but they did really well!
In fact, Grace was so good Olivia hopped on for a bit. She walked her and trotted maybe 10 strides. She loved her! They have been working on the ground and in the trailer, so I know it was fun to actually sit on her. Olivia has been very dedicated to Grace and has been very good with her. It's fun to have a new horse to work with!
Olivia's big project is trailer loading Grace. I worked a few days when she first got here, but mostly Olivia has taken over the job of walking Grace onto the ramp once a day. The goal has been to just make it a happy place and try for getting her front feet in. We were getting quite good at that, and the past 3 days she has gone all the way in! I'm so proud of these girls, they are making great progress. It helped when we started timing their sessions to just before supper- she goes in for her grain and it pretty happy in there. I don't think it will be too long before we've got this licked! I makes me chuckle as we were told it took a group of folks 8 hours (and multiple doses of meds) to load her once... sorry, my 13 year old is doing much better with some patience and cookies! I'm so glad her previous owner (Hi Sherry!) had the good senses to know that that was NOT the way to get this girl loaded!
So, while Bill was playing with his new toy we had a great day with Grace!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day in Conway (7-28)

We drove up to Conway to spend the day at the cabin today. It was a lovely day. We left about 8:30 after doing the morning chores around here and got up there just as my Mom and Em, Kurt and the Boys were getting up and moving about. After saying hello and getting organized we spent the first part of the day down at the beach.
It was sunny and warm and the kids went right for the water activities. Mainly swimming and fishing. Kurt managed the rods; throwing a few lines in but no bites! The kids all b-lined for the water and the crew (minus Kaleb) spent a while bobbing about.
Of course, Wes had to be right down there with them! Water baby that he is, he was pretty happy to splash around with Aunt Em!
The hot summer sun and all that swim time tuckered everyone out, and we headed back to the cabin for lunch. We ate and sat for a bit before deciding to head over to Storyland for the afternoon. That's the beauty of the season passes- you can go in for a while and don't have to feel rushed to see or do it all!
We rode some rides- especially ones we missed last trip. One of my favorites being the carousal. Jayson picked a red, white and blue horse that totally matched his outfit! He was cute~ Wes rode too, and had fun on his horsie!
I love this pie in the front section of the park. The whole place is themed around classic stories and books. There are spots for photos all over, many with a sign that changes yearly so you can mark the kid's growth and do annual pictures. The "blackbird pie" is one spot I always try to snap a group picture- the kids love to pop up out of the holes! We went backwards around last time and never made it into this part of the park... so I made sure we got there first this trip.
Over here in this area are lots of little rides and play areas. These cut out photo stops are all over, and of course Olivia had to be the lion!
And Wes HAD to go into the baby ball pit! He and Jayson were the only ones small enough to go in, and I wasn't sure he wouldn't slip under... plus sometimes these things gross me out. But, he didn't put any balls in his mouth and didn't even squirm around. He just sat in the pen totally overwhelmed with the colors!
We left after a few hours, it was hot and we had had enough (and no afternoon coffee made for sloth-like adults!) I love family days... I blocked off the day in Bill's book so he could come. Even he recognized he hasn't had much time this summer for hanging out! I always enjoy our time when we can all have fun together. The Conway cabin is great for that. Plus, we stopped on the way home for pizza which made for a full, fun, summer outing!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Show #2

I took Beau to another show this morning. I was supposed to rain (and I know it did as I had to let Otis out at 2:30am) and I was tempted to bag it as I didn't want to keep Beau in while all the others went to pasture (they are now on reverse turn-out as the bugs are terrible!!) so I figured he would be wet and gross. Well, the sun was out and he was dry when I went out at 6:15.... so we packed up and off we went! Daddy came later with the cheering section:
Beau was such a good boy! We took home a first and 3 seconds! Even though they were piddle little classes (adult walk/trot and canter one at a time) I was still very happy with him!
He picked up his left lead the first time I asked in our class... he was being a booger about it in warm up. When Bill and the kids got there I had him help- we worked a 4 loop serpentine with simple changes in the indoor. The tight turns and quick changes got him back to paying attention! He fired right off with the left in the class and I was thrilled!

He was doing so well I took him into the poles class, now... no big deal but he was a champ! Now if only I wasn't such a chicken!! The next in this series is the same day as one of the hunts... so I'll have to miss, I'm bummed. My big guy is doing so well!

Now to get Grace going!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

One Tooth Wonder

Look what we have here....Ok, maybe hard to see (I was indeed prying his lips apart and holding back his hands as I was screeching to Billy to hurry up and snap the picture already!) and the evidence is sort of *just* there... but it's tooth number 1 for sure! This spot appeared today- ready for the lower right front tooth to erupt~ I do think he was a tad fussier than usual this afternoon, so I suspect he can feel it pushing it's way up... but he is doing well with it; what a big boy!! Hopefully he will sleep well tonight, growing a tooth is hard work you know!
ps. Please ignore my nasty nails AND the dried food up his nose. Sheeze.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Feed Me, I'm Yours

Wes and I were alone this afternoon (Billy at Kaleb's, Savanna at Kate's and Olivia was working with Bill) so after running our errands we took a turn thru the garden. Since I had the quiet time and there were some peas ready (and some actually gone past) I took the opportunity to use the new food mill Mom got me the other day. I had made some pears and some apples into food for Wes with my food processor, but it was a fail for broccoli and potato, it just couldn't get the smooth texture I needed. I knew I needed the food mill, and Mom got us one. Wes has been getting better at eating- but is by no means a pro. The tongue thrusting that caused us trouble with nursing is quite clear when he spoon feeds. To help him along, Dr. Brennan wants us to decrease his formula to increase his appetite for "real" foods. He has been eating 2 or 3 ounces (1 or 1.5ozs each of two types twice a day) of store bought organic food per feeding. We need to up that to 5 or 6 ounces at least 3 times a day by 9 months! So, we had better get cracking! Now; with this new little mill I'm in business for sure:
After picking the peas, I shelled them
Then steamed them for a little bit
Then ran them thru the new food mill and voila:
My very own organic pea puree for his Royal Highness!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wes is Among the Mobile

Westley officially crawled for the first time last night with one full hand, hand, foot, foot stride. Bill hurt himself at work and we were in the midst of a big thunder storm so I served dinner in the living room... all of us were sitting around with our plates on our knees and Wes wanted to get Brother's dinner badly! Billy and I were on the floor with our backs against the couch, I put Wes down in front of me, and he clearly moved all 4 hands and feet very focused and motivated to get to Billy's rice and corn! We moved him back away from the plate and he did it again! I decided that even though it wasn't very far, that since he lifted both hands and pushed with both feet/knees that it was his first "official" crawl.

Well, today he is on the move! The hardwood is still too tough for him; his knees slip out from under. But, on the rug, watch out!! I guess it's time for baby proofing and gates!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun Pack Weekend

One stroller, a backpack, 2 suitcases, 3 sleeping bags, 1 cooler and a food bag, 1 package of disposable (ick) diapers and wipes, a case of water, a six pack of Gatorade, a camp chair, parents and 2 Brothers: Fun Pack Weekend '10

We went swimming, hiking, played games and shot BB guns and bows and arrows, did a craft project and some nature experiments. We had a campfire supper and went to a big scout singalong/skit. Billy really enjoyed the Fun Pack weekend, and we will go back next year I'm sure!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The first 6 months

He is growing up so fast, I can't believe it's been 6 months already! Look how much he has changed:

7-16-10 6 months, or he is 1/2 a year old!!

At 6 months Wes weighted in at 18 lbs 7ozs today... He is growing leaps and bounds and getting stronger and doing more every day. He sits alone, stands holding onto something or with help balancing and is already trying to stand on his own! He is trying so hard to crawl and scooching around. He is healthy and happy, I don't think you could ask for a better baby! It blows my mind that he is been here 1/2 a year already!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I just did a whole photo shoot with Wes and his bear, uploaded the pictures, then realized it NOT Friday. Sigh. Need more coffee.

Check back tomorrow for his 6 month pictures!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sonny and Beau Reunion

Kelley and I decided the weather did not look good for a family get together at the lake yesterday... but it didn't turn out to be a total washout. So, Cindi and I opted to try to squeeze in our much anticipated ride together! I took Beau up to the barn where she has Son so we could finally see their new digs and get to hang horses for a while. Cind has been doing so well with the trainer up there, riding more than ever and has even started with some western work! I keep getting phone updates, but haven't been able to see the progress myself... So, yesterday I made the drive (about an hour and a half) to ride with them.
It was a lot of fun to ride with my buddy again, I really miss having Cindi and Sonny here... it made me a little sad (not to mention the fact that Beau was calling and calling to Sony!) but they are doing so well where she is at... it's hard to be anything but thrilled for them! Sonny looks great and is such a "sexy bitch" in his Western wear and Cindi is riding all the time~ and looks great up there on that big palomino stud!
As you may remember Sonny's one big vice was shipping. This is the hole in his training that precipitated the move to the western trainer... and I must admit major progress has been made in his trailering! Yipee!! Now, this beats that terrible day at the beach~

Since he's now a big, loading horse; maybe next time we can meet somewhere for a ride?!