Sunday, July 25, 2010

Show #2

I took Beau to another show this morning. I was supposed to rain (and I know it did as I had to let Otis out at 2:30am) and I was tempted to bag it as I didn't want to keep Beau in while all the others went to pasture (they are now on reverse turn-out as the bugs are terrible!!) so I figured he would be wet and gross. Well, the sun was out and he was dry when I went out at 6:15.... so we packed up and off we went! Daddy came later with the cheering section:
Beau was such a good boy! We took home a first and 3 seconds! Even though they were piddle little classes (adult walk/trot and canter one at a time) I was still very happy with him!
He picked up his left lead the first time I asked in our class... he was being a booger about it in warm up. When Bill and the kids got there I had him help- we worked a 4 loop serpentine with simple changes in the indoor. The tight turns and quick changes got him back to paying attention! He fired right off with the left in the class and I was thrilled!

He was doing so well I took him into the poles class, now... no big deal but he was a champ! Now if only I wasn't such a chicken!! The next in this series is the same day as one of the hunts... so I'll have to miss, I'm bummed. My big guy is doing so well!

Now to get Grace going!


  1. Yay!! Good for you and Beau!! What breed is he anyway? Can't wait for you to post more pics of the new girl in the herd!

  2. Beau is appendix QH, QH thru and thru and in my post pregnancy I love him dearly! Very even tempered, sweet and a couch to sit on! Not many "stupid" moves on his part and while he is still pretty green he is qetting to be quite trust worthy. May have our big girl's saddle issues solved (thanks Anna!) so hoping to get on Grace tomorrow. If all goes well I'll post pics!