Saturday, July 24, 2010

One Tooth Wonder

Look what we have here....Ok, maybe hard to see (I was indeed prying his lips apart and holding back his hands as I was screeching to Billy to hurry up and snap the picture already!) and the evidence is sort of *just* there... but it's tooth number 1 for sure! This spot appeared today- ready for the lower right front tooth to erupt~ I do think he was a tad fussier than usual this afternoon, so I suspect he can feel it pushing it's way up... but he is doing well with it; what a big boy!! Hopefully he will sleep well tonight, growing a tooth is hard work you know!
ps. Please ignore my nasty nails AND the dried food up his nose. Sheeze.

1 comment:

  1. OH wow!!! Abbie has no signs of any teeth!!! except drooling, which she has been doing forever.... good luck Wes, let us know how you do..... and the other blog (show) looks great Alex... I can't wait to have five seconds and begin to do something with our guys!!!!!!