Friday, July 9, 2010


A couple of comparison pictures for Mom. Certainly some size difference. Poke is about 15.3 hands (4 inches in a hand don't forget... measured to the withers) and I'd guess Grace is easily 17h!

They were not cooperating too well for my photo shoot, but maybe you can see the difference?! This one shows her size better though:
She and Little Anna; already fast friends!


  1. Turns out someone here at the beach has wireless, so as long as I get no sand in the 'puter, I can sit after the sun goes down and surf! Now I can see how much taller she is! I just don't want anyone getting feisty and kicking Beau's leg!

  2. Nah, Poke won't let him close enough! He and Squeeke are hanging back for sure- they arn't getting anywhere near Poke's new girl! Beau did get a bite on his butt, then he figured he was better off keeping his distance. The two of them even eat on the other side of the fence, don't want to get too close when their guard is down!