Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Introducing Ghracious aka Gracie

We have a new horse on the farm tonight! Meet "Ghracious" or "Gracie" She is a 14 yr old Hanoverian mare that came to us thru one of Bill's clients. She is a pretty liver chestnut with 4 stockings and a thick blaze... we picked her up today and despite the terrible heat and Billy's stomach bug we got her home and settled in here at the house after a few weeks of "thinking about it."
The crew were glad to have her here- they have been waiting for a week or so... I wasn't too sure we needed another horse. But, Bill is quite taken with her and having a well bred mare with great confirmation and temperament is never a bad idea right?! After Bill and I went to try her last week I kept telling our gang that she was coming, and today was finally the day! We knew she was a bad loader (I know; right, I said I'd never own a mare OR a bad loader!) and so felt like we had to wait for a day when Bill and I were both free all day; didn't want to have to feel rushed or stressed about it at all. And, as it turned out she wasn't as bad as some I've seen. We tranqed her and it did take an hour and a half or so to get her on, but we were patient and she wasn't stupid, and eventually we wore her down and she went right in. Once we were over that hurdle she rode fine and is home, happy now! It was funny watching the other 4 over the fence. Anna took to her right away, and Beau wants to love her SO badly, but Poke won't let him just yet. And Squeeke, well Squeek is just watching it all!
Here is the funny girl itching on a pine tree- she was pretty hot and sweaty when we finally got here- we are in the midst of a bad heat wave, and the bugs are loving it to boot! She will be in the lower dirt paddock by herself for a week or two until we can get her integrated... and maybe we can spend some time working on trailer training?!
My plan for her (as much as I can have a plan) is to be a back up mount for Beau. She is a little rusty with her training, but I'll really enjoy riding her. She was fun when we tried her out, and is so sweet and willing- I don't anticipate any issues from her! If we can get her over the trailering hiccup, and it all falls like I see it, she will be more my arena girl while Beau will be my trail guy! Not to mention the fact that Bill really likes her and will be able to hop on her when he gets the itch to ride. Plus, with a bit of touch up I think Olivia could get a leg up too if she were supervised. Then, in a year or so I'd love to breed her and get myself a young Dressage prospect coming ready right about the time Wes goes to kindergarten! It's very exciting, I've never really let myself think about breeding before, oh the cuteness of a foal!! I'll admit to surfing stallions already... Welcome home Grace, we are so glad to have you!


  1. She is beautiful! Congrats on the new addition!!

  2. welcome hone Garcie... you don't know it yet, but you have just landed one of the greatest families in the world!!! you will be MORE than loved, well cared for and appreciated... you're a lucky horse!!!!!