Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day '10

We had a really nice, relaxing 4th of July. We spent the day with Bill's family at his parent's lake house- and it was a perfect day to be on the water!
We did loads of outdoors things, fishing and swimming, canoeing and kayaking. The weather was beautiful, warm but not too hot and pretty humid- perfect for being at the lake house!
Grandma had made a yummy bar-b-que... lots of good summertime foods. I love corn on the cob homemade beans and hamburgers. Yum Yum!!
The kids (as always) had a blast in the water- they pulled out a lot of the water toys and spent a good portion of the day splashing around! Bill took Billy and Savanna out for a kayak (both kids did great paddling their own boats) ride. They went over past the loon's nest into the "swampy" part of the lake... when they got back we had a serious problem! You know that scene in "Stand By Me"?! Yup. You got it. Well, actually BILLY got it! I'll forever have that image burned on my mommy brain.
Him: from the shower- "Dadddddy"
Me: "He's still outside"
Him: "Well, I need you."
Me: "O.k."
Him: from inside the shower door "I think I need to go to the Doctor!"
Me: "Oh, yeah. Why?"
Him: sliding back the shower door, penis in hand, leech firmly biting...
Me: "Uhh, YEAH!" removing offending bloodsucker and trying not to die!

Despite the large hematoma we still enjoyed the day, it is so nice to just relax with family and be outside.
Thanks to all of those men and women who fought for our freedom~ Happy 4th of July!


  1. oh poor Billy... that must have been very scary for him!!!! glad that Mommy could fix it... sound like we had a similar 4th, arent we blessed to have family and lakes!!!!!

  2. That does look relaxing! Maddie would die and go to heaven to have a place that fun to play (Me too for that matter). Glad you all had a good holiday!