Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fashion Show

This past weekend Savanna and some of the other girls from our troop went to a Scout Fashion Show. Savanna has been looking forward to this event for quite some time! She was excited to pick out her outfits and strut her stuff on the runway!
The way the event was run the girls were able to choose from a number of categories that they wanted to exhibit in. Once they decided on the categories they were supposed to pick outfits from home to represent the themes. Savanna loves fashion and style, so she had a lot of fun making her outfits, and practicing her run-way walks!
The stage was set with fun lights and flowers and they have a custom built runway that is pretty neat- it is lined with lights and juts out off the stage, so while it was Girl Scouts- very non competitive and fun; if modeling and fashion are among your interests, it felt like the real thing! It was rather a long afternoon with baby Wes, and I know the boots Savanna picked ended up hurting her feet- but all in all we had a great time in the name of fashion!

A Taste of Whats to Come

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about how Billy would handle the new baby. He said he was fine with it, he acted like he was going to be fine with it... but still I worried that he would have some issues with adjusting to not being the "little man" of the house anymore. I guess I shouldn't have been concerned. This is who wandered into my living room the other afternoon; flexed his muscles and threw his arms up over his head! Sigh. They grow up so fast.
(The body hair is taped into his "pits" and is actually what was left after Savanna was done brushing American Girl Dolls' hair! He cracks me up!!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Second Week

We here in the Houston household have been busy, time sure flies when you have a new baby around! It is so hard to believe we are at our second birthday. Second week birthday that is! I can't believe Wes has been here that long already! He is doing quite well, and has fit right in around here. He sleeps well (for the most part) and has adapted to our busy, noisy household. He sleeps during the day in a pack-n-play in the living room... I am so impressed with his ability to tolerate noise and commotion. He is such a good baby! Among all the other things we have been up to, we have had a bath or two. Mom-Mom and Mom were here to help with the first, but now I'm doing it on my own! Wes is good about the water, but pees in the tub every time! He had a soak in the sink too after an unusually icky diaper the other afternoon. The "nub" of his cord did fall off, but he still has quite an "outey" that hopefully will settle "in" and I won't get him fully wet until we figure that out... but he did need a rinse rather than wipes! He goes in on Monday for his 2 week visit with his Dr. along with his belly button, I have a few new Mom questions and concerns... so, I'm glad to be taking him in. Both Bill and my Mom have been so helpful with all sorts of worries, and I am glad to have Kelley along for the ride too, since she and Sam are a few weeks ahead I can bounce stuff off her; but, I'll be glad to have him checked out and to have the opportunity to ask some questions.
We have had lots of time for sleeping and snuggling. He and Olivia like to sit in the recliner together after school. It's fun to have big sisters who love on you all the time! Pretty much anything Wes wants he gets... there are plenty of hands to pick him up and fuss with him. I can tell he may be a *bit* spoiled! But, it is hard when he is so gosh darn cute and cuddly! I am having so much fun with his outfits and such, but much of the newborn stuff even is too big! Having a January baby is hard too, as a lot of the onsies are short sleeved... not so good with the wicked cold we have been having!
We have been having growth/feeding issues, he was not gaining weight like they would have liked... so after our third visit with the lactation consultant we opted to supplement him with some formula. He will nurse and get a bottle to help fill him up! It seems that a combination of a weird tongue movement on his part, and low milk production on mine are making breast feeding a bit of a challenge for now. I was pretty disappointed, and rather frustrated (and in pain with sore nipples) with the whole situation. But, the bottom line is that he needs to eat, and if *we* can't do it one way, we will have to do it another. I had hoped to exclusively breast feed him, but like just about everything else... this has not gone as I planned. Thankfully he takes the bottle well, and eats formula fine, so its not a big deal for now- other than my disappointment.

All in all, we have had 2 amazing weeks. Wes is such a joy to have, I am so lucky! He has adjusted so well, and we all have adjusted to him. I am thankful that he is so accommodating... I love this little guy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Home

I was a bit stir crazy by Tuesday and was ready to head home! I did most of the paper work and such Monday night so we were ready to go after rounds in the morning. He saw his pediatrician and I saw the Dr too. Then after packing up all of our stuff (how can 2 people and an baby trash a room in 3 days?!) we were ready to load him up! He got fit into his car seat, and bundled up tight.

We had a storm pass thru and got a foot of snow. It was still coming down as we were leaving. Wes went right into his seat no problem and actually slept the whole 45 min drive home! The kids were anxious to see him... with the storm Sunday they had not come to visit. They had school and I know the girls in particular must have had a hard time concentrating on their work! Savanna had asked to be picked up from school... tired and sore and just arrived home I wasn't going to go out and Bill had afternoon clients so her best buddy Kate's Mom offered to bring them home. It was so nice of Sue to pick them up- I knew it meant a lot to Savanna to get home ASAP and also, she got to "show him off" a bit to her best friend!
I am so glad Wes is here- he has blended right into the family... it's almost as if he has always been here! The girls do fuss and fight a bit about who's turn it is to hold him... but he is a most wonderful addition to our family, and I am so excited to see who he becomes. I am so lucky and grateful to be his Mother, and am in awe of the connectedness that sharing a life means for Bill and I. I know that being his Mother will help me to be a better Mother to the other 3, just as being a Mother to them has helped me be ready to Mother him. Life is good, Wes is here and I couldn't be happier!

And Baby makes 6

It was pretty sad to have the girls miss the delivery. I knew they wanted to be a part of it, and when things did not go as planned Robin (our nurse- and hyponbirthing teacher) had a great idea. We held off on his first bath and waited for morning when the kids arrived! I was still pretty sore and stuck in bed so she and the girls did his bath. He was very good for them- he did cry a bit, and squirmed his way around the bassinet, trying to avoid the double wash cloths but he got clean and then right into the new outfit the girls had picked out the night before while Auntie helped them kill time.

I know I am biased, but I think he is pretty adorable! He has Savanna's eyes and the cutest perfect nose. He does have a bit of a skin rash on his cheeks and chin, but I'm told that will clear up in a few weeks or so and is very common. He latched and nursed well right from the beginning. He was so content and happy to be passed from arm to arm as the stream of visitors passed thru those first few days! I was very tired and didn't sleep after the section... so I was running on empty but high from the joy of it all. The girls took RIGHT to him, and each wants to hold him as often as possible. They are both very good with him, and such a help! Billy is taking time to warm up- he didn't want to hold him in the hospital... just stroked his head a bit and went off to play with Kaleb.
We had lots of guests and visitors, Auntie Krista came up from Massachusetts to meet the new nephew and took the kids one night. Anna and Ed had the kids the rest of the time and we are so grateful that they were on-call for them! They were so nice about driving back and forth and taking care of both the kids and critters! My Sister and Brother in Law and nephews were also in and out, and Billy had great fun spending the weekend with Kaleb. Friends Linda and Patrick came, and brought a beautiful crocheted blanket. Kateri and her Mom and Grandmom also came to see Olivia and say hello. Mom-Mom was feeling a bit under the weather and poked in and out but was afraid to hold Wes. She did bring Jesse and Jess was able to meet and hold him then. We were very sad to learn his "Noni" Cindi had to be admitted down the hall from us. She very much wanted to be a part of his birth, and I know it killed her to not be there... but she will be well soon and will have a lot of making up to do! Watch out Wes- she's gonna kill you with kisses! Jon and the girls came by a few times to get the baby scent on their clothes to take back to her! We are so blessed to have so many great family and friends... it was so nice to have them all. It never felt overwhelming... but we did have a lot of people pass thru the room those first few days! As for the baby, he was quiet and content... never fussed about all the passing around. He nursed and slept and was a real champ!
Westley was born early Saturday am so we were eligible to stay thru Wednesday. Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, a holiday for the kids. With them off from school, it had been my goal to go home Sunday evening. Well, we got a big storm and loads of snow; so, with his circumcision put off a day, and the storm looming... we opted to stay another day. Bill had a full day of clients Monday, so he went home to get some sleep and be with the other kiddos. Mom stayed at the hospital that night with us. Monday he got his pee-pee done (this was important to his Daddy...) and had his weight and jaundice levels checked. He had lost nearly 10 % of his birth weight, and was down to 6lbs 15oz... and had a bilirubin of 7... I was pretty uncomfortable with all of that. A newly cut "appendage" a significant weight loss, and possible jaundice coupled with my concern that i wasn't making enough milk for him. So, we stayed until Tuesday am just to be sure! I was anxious to get him home and integrated into the family... but was glad I took the time to be really comfortable with him (and sure my pain was managed well) before we came home.

Westley Alexander

So, after mentally naming him Benjamin, the baby arrived and he came out a Westley! He was born via c-section at 1:06am at York hospital. Bill and my Mom were both present (ok, my Mom hovered right outside the O.R. until she saw him delivered and moving about, then she rushed right in) As they opened me up, the need for the section became clear. The baby was face up- normal delivery is with the baby presenting face down towards the ground. A "sunny side up" delivery is much harder on both Mom and baby as they continually hit face to pubic bone... In addition to being upside down, Wes had a loop of cord wrapped around his neck. The cord then ran the length of his body and was wrapped a full loop around both of his ankles! It's no wonder the poor guy was having trouble coming out! I heard the Dr say, "look at this cord, he's been jumping rope with it!"
He weighed 7lbs 10ozs and was 19 3/4inches long. He came out nursing in the air and after his first cry was very quiet and content. I spent most of the time they were closing with him at my head welcoming him and admiring him and letting the emotion of it all wash over me. I have watched enough baby shows on T.V. to have expected to say hello then have him taken away. This was not our case. He stayed right there with me, Bill held onto him and I was able to have both of my arms free to stroke and touch him as I wanted. He has dark sandy hair and steel grey eyes- we wonder if the hair will have a red hew- sort of like Savanna's strawberry blond. He has a small (and adorably cute) dimple on his left cheek and a little round head that reminds us all of his Grandpa Houston. He has long fingers and toes, a trait he shares with Olivia... a clear characteristic of Bill's Mom's side of the family. He doesn't have a strong resemblance to any one person, but when you pull apart his features you can see where he comes from.
It clearly was not the delivery I had envisioned. But, honestly nothing about this pregnancy was how I "thought" it was going to be. So, in that respect it was a perfect ending. I was sad that the kids missed the delivery. About 11pm Anna had taken the girls home. Pushing was rough, and I'm sure they were all tired, they wanted to stay but I think it was for the best. I know they were seeing me in a position that maybe could have been "too much" and we didn't know how much longer it was going to take. Hours before, Billy had gone home with his cousins. He and Kaleb had been playing around the hospital and he was psyched to sleep at my Sister's. My Mom and Dad, and Sister were all there and were all allowed into the recovery room with us. I was able to take him skin to skin pretty immediately and was thrilled to have him get right down to nursing! This was Bill's first section, so something new for him too. He was great thru the whole thing and I am so amazed at the little life we have created!
So, little Westley Alexander Houston you share initials with your big brother, Daddy and Grandpa (and quite a few other male Houstons in the line) and a birthday with your Grandma Beth. Welcome to the World!!

A Labor of Love

This is what 25 hours of unmedicated labor then three hours of pushing does to a woman! A few days after delivery, when I was going thru the camera and saw this shot, I laughed so hard I thought I might rip out my stitches! It hurt so bad, but I couldn't stop! I just think the look on my face is priceless. The "these few pain free seconds in between contractions are the best moments of my life" look! I still crack up now looking at it! Clearly not one of my most beautiful moments; but now that I have this mental image of myself, this is how I want to remember Westley's birth!

My contractions started about 10pm Thursday evening. I decided that maybe I had better try to fall asleep- thinking I was either going to need to rest now while I wasn't sure these were real contractions or maybe that if I fell asleep Id be fine in the morning! Well, neither was the case. I was up all night watching the clock- moving from the bed to the living room as I needed. I spent most of the time watching T.V. and debating with myself if this was indeed labor. By 5am or so I woke Bill (after trying unsuccessfully a few times during the night) ready for some company and pretty sure that these were indeed getting closer to 5 mins apart and feeling pretty real. At 6:30 as Olivia was headed out the door I was already on the phone with my Mom. I knew she had done a 1/2 shift at work and was likely just a few hours into her sleep, but I needed reassurance. She suggested the tub which is right where I went! I soaked an hour or so while Billy and Savanna got themselves ready for school (for a cute interpretation visit Savanna's blog: ) then after Bill took them out to the bus I worked thru a few more then decided it was time to call the Docs.

The OB on call suggested that we go ahead and come in, so after packing up the last few items we needed we headed to the hospital. Mom met us there, and we were hooked up for some monitoring and an internal exam. I was fully effaced and 5cms dilated! We were staying! I had been nervous that this wasn't really labor and if this was not the real thing, I was in for it! I was glad to be there, and ready to have our baby!

We labored well, progressing about a cm an hour all afternoon. Bill and my Mom were great, Cindi and Kryslin popped in for a while, my Dad brought Jayson for a visit and Em came after work. By the time school was out and Auntie Anna brought the kids we were really in the throws of it. By about 8pm or so we were ready to push. Well, we thought we were... I had just a small lip remaining, and Dr. Jones thought pushing might move it along, but then after a few pushes it slipped back and she wanted me to wait another hour. Another hour?! I was pretty tired by this point, and really was disappointed. So, as per her suggestions I got an Iv put in, got some fluids and something to help me sleep. It was supposed to give me a 1/2 hr of rest... I slept an hour or so right thru the contractions! When I was back ready we began pushing and we were not making much in the way of progress so, we were discussing the possibility of a c-section, but I wasn't ready to go there yet... so we opted for another hour and a reevaluation. When midnight came and we were still in the same place I knew that with my fatigue and our lack of progress the section was going to be our best bet! At that point I was up so long, and without pain meds I was getting tired of contractions and just wanted to have my baby! We agreed to the c-section when she said that after all that work, he was at 0 station, and she could push his head back out of my cervix... he just wasn't going to engage!

So, via c-section 1:06 am Saturday January 16, 2010 baby boy Houston was welcomed into the world! He shares a birthday with my Mom- a very special bond for them. And, Saturday was the day Bill predicted he would be born. All in all, it was a great labor. I just kept focusing on the fact that each and every contraction was bringing me closer to meeting my baby. It was a bit disappointing to go that far and end up in the O.R. but, in the same sense my montra rang true. This too was just one step closer to meeting the baby. It was along and twisted road that brought us to that room, but we made it and our baby is healthy and beautiful and I am so blessed to have him! I smile and laugh when I see that picture- the look of contentment during the labor is exactly how I want to remember bringing Wes into the world!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here's Here!

Westley arrived at 1:06 am Friday morning. Alex pushed for over 3 hours, then had a cesarean section because he seemed to be 'stuck!' Other than that show of stubbornness, he has been perfect since then- he's been quiet and a perfect nurser! He weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces, and was what we call a direct posterior position; that means that he was trying to come out looking upwards instead of downwards. Alex has no pain, and is very happy.

You can barely see in this picture that he has a 'rashy' face, I think this means he is definitely a blondie! When he first came out I thought his hair was red, but now that it is washed I think it is more strawberry, like Savanna's. Today he is just the cutest in his alligator outfit Auntie Anna and the girls got for him last night!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1.5 / 80 / -1 to 0

I had my last scheduled OB appointment this morning. Dr. Eaton was very happy, as the baby is "presenting well!" His head is "well applied" to my cervix and we are already 1.5cms dilated. I know that this means nothing (and we made 2 more office visits and appointments next week for a non stress test and ultrasound) but I am happy to know that he is dropping. I can feel him "bumping" me way up high under my right rib... and was worried about why he wasn't coming down. Turns out, that even as he has been head down for a while and i can feel him high, he actually has come into my cervix! I am at a -1 to 0 station, and my cervix is already thinning. We were at about 80% effacement today... So, all in all it looks good! Our Dr. was happy to note that he is making his way, and is still posterior.

Monday will be officially 40 weeks, so after that point we will have a few routine tests done to make sure things are still going ok, then assuming we have not delivered I'd like to wait until after 41 full weeks before we start talking induction. Knowing that he is dropped, and my cervix is changing has me hopeful though! I have my fingers crossed for a delivery sooner rather than later- and the kids are anxious to miss some school. So in the next day or two would be great! I am pretty "crampy" today- nothing major, but a bit of a different feeling than I have had lately. I am glad I did the exam, I am happy to stop worrying about his position... he must be really tall to be so low, and yet to be so active up this high! Come on baby, we are ready for you!

Girl Scout Shower

Last night at our Girl Scout meeting, my girls and their families surprised me with a baby shower! It was so sweet of them, and totally unexpected (I can't believe Savanna didn't breathe a word of it!! She is not know for being too good with secrets) The girls were really adorable, and I wished I had my camera. My phone doesn't take quality pictures... especially in low light with crazy moving targets!
The parents and one of my co-leaders had set up a bunch of games for the girls to play and organized some treats to eat! The activities were so fun to watch- the girls were having a blast. I love my Girl "sprouts" and have really enjoyed being their Leader- they are all very excited for the baby, and it was so sweet to see them celebrating his birth! I am blessed to have such good families in my troop, they really were too kind! I'm so glad to have them in my community, we are all really lucky to have each other! I know I am going to be busy, but I can't wait to take the baby to meetings- I am going to have so many little helpers! Being busy was the theme for one game... they had to hold a telephone receiver and a baby doll and then relay race each other hanging up baby laundry on a clothes line with old fashioned wooden clothes pins! It was hysterical to watch. They also did a matching game with baby socks, a relay race with a straw in their mouths where they passed a pacifier with no hands, an ice cube game with little baby's frozen in the ice, a feeding baby game where they were blindfolded and had to "feed" cotton balls to each other without dropping them, and a cute game looking for small diaper pins in a big bowl of rice. They also used fabric pens to decorate burp cloths which I got to take home.
I got more fun gifts, and we had some yummy snacks! I even baked chocolate chip cookies for my shower... I had no idea what we were doing for the meeting, and felt like I needed to bring something- I was so out of the loop for the planning it felt odd. But, now I know why they kept me out of it- what a surprise!

Monday, January 11, 2010

39 weeks

Well, here we are, another week down! I am getting really excited to hold this little one in my arms... and not my belly! I'm glad to have made it this far, and will not complain about the pregnancy at all... but I will say it will be nice to have my body back! We were talking about it at PT today, and I will be interested to see who much of a difference delivering makes in how I feel about my mobility and such! I have Wednesday and Friday appointments booked with them... with the knowledge that if I don't show- they will know where I'm at! Being in the 7 day countdown is exciting... as long as I don't think too long about going overdue!

We had a productive weekend finishing up last minute baby stuff. We had to de-Christmas... always a sad time for me! I love the holiday so much, and even though I didn't play a huge roll in decorations and such this year- I was sad to see it all go! Once we got the tree out, we could set up the pack-n-play in the living room, and also the big swing. I was able to clear out all of my stuff from the linen closet in the bathroom, (where it ended up while I was stuck up here) and get all the clothes I know won't fit right away packed up so my maternity stuff could go back in the dresser. Once I had the closet cleaned I could bring up the diaper stuff for up here, and get his little area established! It feels good to have the house clean and his things ready!

My bag is packed, and so is his. The car seat is ready to get installed in the car (waiting for the last second, as we already have fights over who sits where in the car!) we have typed up our "birth preferences" and now we are just waiting... We have plenty of toilet paper, the oil tank is full, the freezer is stocked, my laundry caught up... I do need to place a grain delivery order for Friday but other than that we should be good to go! A few weeks back Bill requested that I not let the car get down past 1/2 a tank of gas and I have been good about keeping it pretty full, so we should be set to run if we need to! The weather looks clear, no major storms on the horizon (a concern of mine.... laboring and stuck in a snow storm!) Auntie Anna should be ready to come at the drop of a hat, and we are blessed to have her on-call for the kids and animals!

Maybe it's TMI, but I lost my mucus plug Friday evening (grossing both Bill and my Mom out considerably! What, doesn't everyone take a picture and e-mail their Mom at the OB unit for consultation?! Just be glad I didn't post the pic here!) so I'm hopeful that things may start to happen sooner than later! We have out last scheduled OB appointment Wednesday, and I may opt for the cervical exam to see if she can tell his position, I still don't feel like he has "dropped" and that bothers me. Is there a reason he isn't coming down? Is he going to be still a few weeks away? It he going to be a drop and come sort of guy not giving me much notice?! I am tired and maybe somewhat "crampy" but nothing that makes me think delivery is eminent! I know it's on the horizon... I'd just love to know when he is going to make his big debut! Please don't let him be 2 weeks late!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Outdoor Odds and Ends

Yesterday I was home alone all day. Bill was shipping a horse from Ny, the kids were at school and I was just hanging out. It was beautiful and sunny, the temps hit 30 degrees and even though I knew it wasn't maybe the safest or best of ideas, I snuck out to the barn! I walked the long way around- on the plowed drive and kept my cell in my pocket the whole time! Poke was the only one who seemed really glad to see me. They were all pretty happy to have a lunchtime flake, but he left his hay pile and strode right up to say hello the moment I went in the gate. I love my old man!
I'm sure Beau is a little miffed- we were spending quite a bit of time together there for a while, and then 'poof' I disappeared! I tried to explain it to him, but gave up as he clearly just wanted me to move over and let him lunch! I took off his blanket and did a quick groom, I wanted to get my hands on him. His weight looks great, and the left hind seems tight and there is no tenderness that I could find. He is terribly scurfy- needs a REAL good grooming, but mostly just wanted lunch- thank you very much! I miss my boy- we will have to get started with some ground work etc. once the baby is born and I get a little steadier on my feet! Walking on the uneven snow and packed trails was pretty tough, and I ended up just sort of standing by and watching them munch their hay.
Squeeke also had her blanket on, and was more interested in hay than me. Silly little girl! The two of them both had halters left on, not something I typically do, but I guess it does make it easier for the girls who have been a huge help with horse care. In fact, Olivia does evening feed solo just about every night now, she is really getting to be down right useful! I was a bit shocked at the barn- hay chafe and twine everywhere... a huge pile of empty grain bags... blankets on the floor... and "gasp" stall cleaning is certainly not up to my standards... but I really shouldn't complain. They are doing a good job- everyone was happy and had plenty of weight on them. I was glad to make the trek, even though I knew it was maybe not the safest thing for me to be doing. I spent about 1/2 an hour saying hello and such, then figured I'd better call it good! I just wanted to touch base and pat noses, check weight and coats and have some fresh air. Like all of you I'm sure, my animals are so therapeutic! I knew I needed a horse fix, and snuck in the chance to say "hi" to them. Hopefully I can sneak back out there soon- I sure do miss my horses!
On the way back to the house, I found this cute little scene- not sure if you can see it well- you may have to click to enlarge it... but there was this most adorable little set of critter tracks in the snow, that ended up heading down a little hole...right into the "gas tank" of the little Fred Flinstone car that got left out in the snow! I was tickled at the idea of some little mouse or mole or whatnot seeking refuge in the kids play toy! Cute- but don't let the cats know!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crisis Averted

Ok, maybe that's a tad bit of an over reaction, but I sure ended up having a long day today! I had a follow up with the orthopedic surgeon this morning... no big deal right?! Well, he was pretty unhappy with the amount of swelling I have in the leg and expressed some concern that one thing that might be causing the issues could be a blood clot. Great. My Mom was quite worried about blood clots when I was stuck in my chair so long, but nobody else seemed to be concerned about it then; and now, when I'm up and around they start to worry?! It didn't make much sense to me, but clearly if he was concerned... maybe I should be too?

The cardiac lab, where I would need to go for an ultrasound to check the veins in my leg did not have an opening until 4:30 this afternoon! The Dr. didn't want me to wait another day (seriously, after this long, what one more day Doc?!) so I had to take that appointment. It was 11:30am. Humm. It really didn't seem logical to drive the 45mins home for a few hours then drive all the way back later in the day. So, I opted to mill about my old haunt and kill the time! I had a nice slice of pizza for lunch, then hit the outlet stores! I struck out at the Children's Place... despite the signs saying they were having "monster" sales. I did find a few cute, and very discounted items at Old Navy before my Mom called to say she was home. I popped over there to hang with her and my Mom-Mom for a bit. I did a bit of online shopping, finishing out my cloth diaper stash then finally it was time to head back to the hospital. Mom had to work tonight, so we had a quick coffee in the cafeteria- then off for testing.

They didn't find anything, as I thought... but it feels good to know for sure that I am not in any danger that way! I asked the tech to maybe accidentally swipe the ultrasound wand over my belly for a quick shot of the little one, but she just laughed! I begged her to check him and give me a weight estimate, but she wasn't game! Can you blame a girl for trying?! It was after 5 by the time I got out of there... so much for a double lasagna bake off tonight. Oh well. I cruised home and when I got here, I was surprised to find not 1, but 2 packages! We got a sweet gift from the kiddo's Aunt Keri and her family, and Bill's Mom also sent a hat she just finished knitting! It is a super cute little strawberry cap, I can't wait to try it on him! Plus, yesterday one of my favorite of the teachers from Billy's school sent home a lovely gift for me too! A few board books and a Pooh outfit- how nice of her! So, with the new clothes I had bought, a few things my Mom had picked up, and THREE new presents to put away, I had fun unwinding in the "nursery!"

When I got home, I also had a voicemail that insurance approved 12 more PT visits, which is great since I know they can sometimes be sticky about how much they will cover and it really does help! After discussion with the Dr. today I will also need to go back for another set of x-rays on the ankle, but we agreed to wait until after the baby is born... tomorrow will be a day of catch up around here- as I was gone ALL day today... and we have Christmas with my Mom-Mom! Yipee. More presents!

Monday, January 4, 2010

38 weeks

I played with the timer function on my new camera today... here I am 38 weeks pregnant! I certainly feel pregnant now! I am slowing down in terms of what I can hope to accomplish in a day. My goal is to have a goal each day and try to accomplish one significant thing each day. Today's goal was food. I shuffled my way thru the grocery store to stock the pantry and freezer... one of my main goals for the week is to make dinners that can be doubled and frozen. I did a double batch of meatballs one night last week, and made a second set of twice baked potatoes too- so I have a start. One of my main objectives is to get a little stash of dinners made so once the baby arrives I won't have to worry about cooking too much (and we won't have to eat take out too often!) With my ankle being still iffy, I have been stretching the time between trips, so today was a pretty major grocery run- one of the largest I can remember... thankfully I timed it well so Bill was home for lunch and could carry all the bags in for me! Yipee. I did have to sort and put it all away, so it made it quite a chore! But now my pantry and freezer are full, and I have a ton of stuff to cook with this week! I also stashed some extra school snack items away too, in case I need to pull them out later to stretch a grocery shopping trip after the baby is born. Tonight I'm doing chicken pot-pie; YUM!! I'm glad it's winter, as casseroles and such do so well in the freezer!

My main goals for tomorrow are prep for my Girl Scout meeting and my Drs. appointment. I have my weekly OB appointment in the afternoon and our troop meeting after dinner. At the Drs. I hope for the results of my group b strep- which they took last week. I have a few questions/concerns to chat about, and I think I will once again decline a cervical exam. I had sort of thought about having her check this week- but on Mom's suggestion I'll skip... no need for cramping and discomfort when it really means nothing... but there is part of me that is curious to see if we have any changes "down there!" I am pretty uncomfortable these days, I can't really find many positions where I am happy for long. The heartburn is killer, my ankle is so-so and makes moving around pretty difficult, my feet themselves hurt and I have pretty much lost the ability to sleep! I was up at 4 today, after going to bed at 11:30 and tossing for quite a while. I had to get up to pee at 3 something... sigh. Don't get me wrong... I wouldn't trade this experience for anything... but I'm guessing that at this point most women must be feel pretty uncomfortable... I know I can manage a few weeks more. But, I sure hope we don't go 2 weeks late...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Shower Thank You Cards?

I have been having a heck of a time trying to come up with a Baby Shower Thank You card... I am hopeful that with the ankle, and the holidays that people will understand... but I MUST get these cards done and out to all the amazing people who gave us gifts at the shower! This is today's attempt. I like this one the best so far, I don't even like any of the others enough to put them out here!
I really wanted to come up with something that kept within the "forest friends" theme, but really found myself challenged to come up with something that looked baby enough... I guess I've lost my mojo~ cards have been hard lately. I just can't seem to create right now-
The template came from Lauren Meader's blog- I can't get it to link here. Sorry! The cute little skunk is from a SU! set Pun Fun, and the sentiment is from short and sweet. I colored him in bashful blue, barely banana and certainly celery. A few soft subtle eyelets, some scalloped circle accents, and done! My Mom did one last night, and is going to post it on her blog, I'll choose one and make it a real priority to get them done this weekend! If you want to see hers: