Friday, January 22, 2010

Westley Alexander

So, after mentally naming him Benjamin, the baby arrived and he came out a Westley! He was born via c-section at 1:06am at York hospital. Bill and my Mom were both present (ok, my Mom hovered right outside the O.R. until she saw him delivered and moving about, then she rushed right in) As they opened me up, the need for the section became clear. The baby was face up- normal delivery is with the baby presenting face down towards the ground. A "sunny side up" delivery is much harder on both Mom and baby as they continually hit face to pubic bone... In addition to being upside down, Wes had a loop of cord wrapped around his neck. The cord then ran the length of his body and was wrapped a full loop around both of his ankles! It's no wonder the poor guy was having trouble coming out! I heard the Dr say, "look at this cord, he's been jumping rope with it!"
He weighed 7lbs 10ozs and was 19 3/4inches long. He came out nursing in the air and after his first cry was very quiet and content. I spent most of the time they were closing with him at my head welcoming him and admiring him and letting the emotion of it all wash over me. I have watched enough baby shows on T.V. to have expected to say hello then have him taken away. This was not our case. He stayed right there with me, Bill held onto him and I was able to have both of my arms free to stroke and touch him as I wanted. He has dark sandy hair and steel grey eyes- we wonder if the hair will have a red hew- sort of like Savanna's strawberry blond. He has a small (and adorably cute) dimple on his left cheek and a little round head that reminds us all of his Grandpa Houston. He has long fingers and toes, a trait he shares with Olivia... a clear characteristic of Bill's Mom's side of the family. He doesn't have a strong resemblance to any one person, but when you pull apart his features you can see where he comes from.
It clearly was not the delivery I had envisioned. But, honestly nothing about this pregnancy was how I "thought" it was going to be. So, in that respect it was a perfect ending. I was sad that the kids missed the delivery. About 11pm Anna had taken the girls home. Pushing was rough, and I'm sure they were all tired, they wanted to stay but I think it was for the best. I know they were seeing me in a position that maybe could have been "too much" and we didn't know how much longer it was going to take. Hours before, Billy had gone home with his cousins. He and Kaleb had been playing around the hospital and he was psyched to sleep at my Sister's. My Mom and Dad, and Sister were all there and were all allowed into the recovery room with us. I was able to take him skin to skin pretty immediately and was thrilled to have him get right down to nursing! This was Bill's first section, so something new for him too. He was great thru the whole thing and I am so amazed at the little life we have created!
So, little Westley Alexander Houston you share initials with your big brother, Daddy and Grandpa (and quite a few other male Houstons in the line) and a birthday with your Grandma Beth. Welcome to the World!!

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  1. What an adventure! But you did great! And Westley is perfect!