Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Home

I was a bit stir crazy by Tuesday and was ready to head home! I did most of the paper work and such Monday night so we were ready to go after rounds in the morning. He saw his pediatrician and I saw the Dr too. Then after packing up all of our stuff (how can 2 people and an baby trash a room in 3 days?!) we were ready to load him up! He got fit into his car seat, and bundled up tight.

We had a storm pass thru and got a foot of snow. It was still coming down as we were leaving. Wes went right into his seat no problem and actually slept the whole 45 min drive home! The kids were anxious to see him... with the storm Sunday they had not come to visit. They had school and I know the girls in particular must have had a hard time concentrating on their work! Savanna had asked to be picked up from school... tired and sore and just arrived home I wasn't going to go out and Bill had afternoon clients so her best buddy Kate's Mom offered to bring them home. It was so nice of Sue to pick them up- I knew it meant a lot to Savanna to get home ASAP and also, she got to "show him off" a bit to her best friend!
I am so glad Wes is here- he has blended right into the family... it's almost as if he has always been here! The girls do fuss and fight a bit about who's turn it is to hold him... but he is a most wonderful addition to our family, and I am so excited to see who he becomes. I am so lucky and grateful to be his Mother, and am in awe of the connectedness that sharing a life means for Bill and I. I know that being his Mother will help me to be a better Mother to the other 3, just as being a Mother to them has helped me be ready to Mother him. Life is good, Wes is here and I couldn't be happier!


  1. Oh Alex, those were the best blogs EVER!!! I have been lurking for days waiting for an update, but certainly understand the "delay" (if you will) You are right, he is the absolute cutest!!!! and I think that you did a perfect job... he is here, safe-sound- healthy and afterall, what's it all about?? Trust you are recovering well, and that things are getting into a "normal" routine.. again, I would love to pop over, so please give me the "come on over" when you are up to it... talk to you soon, and hope to see you soon!!!!!

  2. OMG - so adorable!! What a little cuddle bear :)

  3. Oh my goodness girl, where have I been, I have miss all the birth and birthing posts!! I am so happy for you!! He is soooo handsome!! Perfect little man!! I hope you are getting some rest!!