Friday, January 22, 2010

And Baby makes 6

It was pretty sad to have the girls miss the delivery. I knew they wanted to be a part of it, and when things did not go as planned Robin (our nurse- and hyponbirthing teacher) had a great idea. We held off on his first bath and waited for morning when the kids arrived! I was still pretty sore and stuck in bed so she and the girls did his bath. He was very good for them- he did cry a bit, and squirmed his way around the bassinet, trying to avoid the double wash cloths but he got clean and then right into the new outfit the girls had picked out the night before while Auntie helped them kill time.

I know I am biased, but I think he is pretty adorable! He has Savanna's eyes and the cutest perfect nose. He does have a bit of a skin rash on his cheeks and chin, but I'm told that will clear up in a few weeks or so and is very common. He latched and nursed well right from the beginning. He was so content and happy to be passed from arm to arm as the stream of visitors passed thru those first few days! I was very tired and didn't sleep after the section... so I was running on empty but high from the joy of it all. The girls took RIGHT to him, and each wants to hold him as often as possible. They are both very good with him, and such a help! Billy is taking time to warm up- he didn't want to hold him in the hospital... just stroked his head a bit and went off to play with Kaleb.
We had lots of guests and visitors, Auntie Krista came up from Massachusetts to meet the new nephew and took the kids one night. Anna and Ed had the kids the rest of the time and we are so grateful that they were on-call for them! They were so nice about driving back and forth and taking care of both the kids and critters! My Sister and Brother in Law and nephews were also in and out, and Billy had great fun spending the weekend with Kaleb. Friends Linda and Patrick came, and brought a beautiful crocheted blanket. Kateri and her Mom and Grandmom also came to see Olivia and say hello. Mom-Mom was feeling a bit under the weather and poked in and out but was afraid to hold Wes. She did bring Jesse and Jess was able to meet and hold him then. We were very sad to learn his "Noni" Cindi had to be admitted down the hall from us. She very much wanted to be a part of his birth, and I know it killed her to not be there... but she will be well soon and will have a lot of making up to do! Watch out Wes- she's gonna kill you with kisses! Jon and the girls came by a few times to get the baby scent on their clothes to take back to her! We are so blessed to have so many great family and friends... it was so nice to have them all. It never felt overwhelming... but we did have a lot of people pass thru the room those first few days! As for the baby, he was quiet and content... never fussed about all the passing around. He nursed and slept and was a real champ!
Westley was born early Saturday am so we were eligible to stay thru Wednesday. Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, a holiday for the kids. With them off from school, it had been my goal to go home Sunday evening. Well, we got a big storm and loads of snow; so, with his circumcision put off a day, and the storm looming... we opted to stay another day. Bill had a full day of clients Monday, so he went home to get some sleep and be with the other kiddos. Mom stayed at the hospital that night with us. Monday he got his pee-pee done (this was important to his Daddy...) and had his weight and jaundice levels checked. He had lost nearly 10 % of his birth weight, and was down to 6lbs 15oz... and had a bilirubin of 7... I was pretty uncomfortable with all of that. A newly cut "appendage" a significant weight loss, and possible jaundice coupled with my concern that i wasn't making enough milk for him. So, we stayed until Tuesday am just to be sure! I was anxious to get him home and integrated into the family... but was glad I took the time to be really comfortable with him (and sure my pain was managed well) before we came home.

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  1. Oh I love the picture of him in his striped onsie!! Too cute!! He really is super adorable. And you are lucky to have so many visitors. I only get a couple. It's so nice to have people come in and swoon over you perfect little angel! ha ha ha!! :) Congrats! And he is so handsome!