Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1.5 / 80 / -1 to 0

I had my last scheduled OB appointment this morning. Dr. Eaton was very happy, as the baby is "presenting well!" His head is "well applied" to my cervix and we are already 1.5cms dilated. I know that this means nothing (and we made 2 more office visits and appointments next week for a non stress test and ultrasound) but I am happy to know that he is dropping. I can feel him "bumping" me way up high under my right rib... and was worried about why he wasn't coming down. Turns out, that even as he has been head down for a while and i can feel him high, he actually has come into my cervix! I am at a -1 to 0 station, and my cervix is already thinning. We were at about 80% effacement today... So, all in all it looks good! Our Dr. was happy to note that he is making his way, and is still posterior.

Monday will be officially 40 weeks, so after that point we will have a few routine tests done to make sure things are still going ok, then assuming we have not delivered I'd like to wait until after 41 full weeks before we start talking induction. Knowing that he is dropped, and my cervix is changing has me hopeful though! I have my fingers crossed for a delivery sooner rather than later- and the kids are anxious to miss some school. So in the next day or two would be great! I am pretty "crampy" today- nothing major, but a bit of a different feeling than I have had lately. I am glad I did the exam, I am happy to stop worrying about his position... he must be really tall to be so low, and yet to be so active up this high! Come on baby, we are ready for you!


  1. OMG - what fantastic news! You must be thrilled - and very much relived to know that everything is going as it is supposed to - he is certainly reading his cue cards ;)

  2. "we" sure are ready for you Baby Ben.. come on and meet the world!!!