Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crisis Averted

Ok, maybe that's a tad bit of an over reaction, but I sure ended up having a long day today! I had a follow up with the orthopedic surgeon this morning... no big deal right?! Well, he was pretty unhappy with the amount of swelling I have in the leg and expressed some concern that one thing that might be causing the issues could be a blood clot. Great. My Mom was quite worried about blood clots when I was stuck in my chair so long, but nobody else seemed to be concerned about it then; and now, when I'm up and around they start to worry?! It didn't make much sense to me, but clearly if he was concerned... maybe I should be too?

The cardiac lab, where I would need to go for an ultrasound to check the veins in my leg did not have an opening until 4:30 this afternoon! The Dr. didn't want me to wait another day (seriously, after this long, what one more day Doc?!) so I had to take that appointment. It was 11:30am. Humm. It really didn't seem logical to drive the 45mins home for a few hours then drive all the way back later in the day. So, I opted to mill about my old haunt and kill the time! I had a nice slice of pizza for lunch, then hit the outlet stores! I struck out at the Children's Place... despite the signs saying they were having "monster" sales. I did find a few cute, and very discounted items at Old Navy before my Mom called to say she was home. I popped over there to hang with her and my Mom-Mom for a bit. I did a bit of online shopping, finishing out my cloth diaper stash then finally it was time to head back to the hospital. Mom had to work tonight, so we had a quick coffee in the cafeteria- then off for testing.

They didn't find anything, as I thought... but it feels good to know for sure that I am not in any danger that way! I asked the tech to maybe accidentally swipe the ultrasound wand over my belly for a quick shot of the little one, but she just laughed! I begged her to check him and give me a weight estimate, but she wasn't game! Can you blame a girl for trying?! It was after 5 by the time I got out of there... so much for a double lasagna bake off tonight. Oh well. I cruised home and when I got here, I was surprised to find not 1, but 2 packages! We got a sweet gift from the kiddo's Aunt Keri and her family, and Bill's Mom also sent a hat she just finished knitting! It is a super cute little strawberry cap, I can't wait to try it on him! Plus, yesterday one of my favorite of the teachers from Billy's school sent home a lovely gift for me too! A few board books and a Pooh outfit- how nice of her! So, with the new clothes I had bought, a few things my Mom had picked up, and THREE new presents to put away, I had fun unwinding in the "nursery!"

When I got home, I also had a voicemail that insurance approved 12 more PT visits, which is great since I know they can sometimes be sticky about how much they will cover and it really does help! After discussion with the Dr. today I will also need to go back for another set of x-rays on the ankle, but we agreed to wait until after the baby is born... tomorrow will be a day of catch up around here- as I was gone ALL day today... and we have Christmas with my Mom-Mom! Yipee. More presents!


  1. Oh yay, more Presents! Mom-Mom was worried she bought you all baby presents for Christmas, lol... so maybe after yesterday's shopping she bought you some exras for you!!!

  2. Wow, glad everything is going ok. Lucky break! :)
    Some of the best gifts I got were from my kids' teacher's too, they are so wonderful.

    Can't wait to see pics of the baby's room...