Monday, January 4, 2010

38 weeks

I played with the timer function on my new camera today... here I am 38 weeks pregnant! I certainly feel pregnant now! I am slowing down in terms of what I can hope to accomplish in a day. My goal is to have a goal each day and try to accomplish one significant thing each day. Today's goal was food. I shuffled my way thru the grocery store to stock the pantry and freezer... one of my main goals for the week is to make dinners that can be doubled and frozen. I did a double batch of meatballs one night last week, and made a second set of twice baked potatoes too- so I have a start. One of my main objectives is to get a little stash of dinners made so once the baby arrives I won't have to worry about cooking too much (and we won't have to eat take out too often!) With my ankle being still iffy, I have been stretching the time between trips, so today was a pretty major grocery run- one of the largest I can remember... thankfully I timed it well so Bill was home for lunch and could carry all the bags in for me! Yipee. I did have to sort and put it all away, so it made it quite a chore! But now my pantry and freezer are full, and I have a ton of stuff to cook with this week! I also stashed some extra school snack items away too, in case I need to pull them out later to stretch a grocery shopping trip after the baby is born. Tonight I'm doing chicken pot-pie; YUM!! I'm glad it's winter, as casseroles and such do so well in the freezer!

My main goals for tomorrow are prep for my Girl Scout meeting and my Drs. appointment. I have my weekly OB appointment in the afternoon and our troop meeting after dinner. At the Drs. I hope for the results of my group b strep- which they took last week. I have a few questions/concerns to chat about, and I think I will once again decline a cervical exam. I had sort of thought about having her check this week- but on Mom's suggestion I'll skip... no need for cramping and discomfort when it really means nothing... but there is part of me that is curious to see if we have any changes "down there!" I am pretty uncomfortable these days, I can't really find many positions where I am happy for long. The heartburn is killer, my ankle is so-so and makes moving around pretty difficult, my feet themselves hurt and I have pretty much lost the ability to sleep! I was up at 4 today, after going to bed at 11:30 and tossing for quite a while. I had to get up to pee at 3 something... sigh. Don't get me wrong... I wouldn't trade this experience for anything... but I'm guessing that at this point most women must be feel pretty uncomfortable... I know I can manage a few weeks more. But, I sure hope we don't go 2 weeks late...


  1. Oh Alex!!! you look wonderful!! and I am so happy that we got the chance to "see" you.. because I know that I won't get over before the big event... but I certainly want to pay a call as soon as you are up for visitors.. and if you don't mind, Sadie and Abbie would like to tag along... you are so wise to plan ahead, you won't regret that for one moment... keep us posted, I think we are almost as excited as you are!!!!

  2. Love it - you look great!! :)