Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kitchen Progress

Our kitchen remodel is almost complete... there are just a few last things that need to get done (some touch up paint, a few knobs here and there, kick board...) here are some of the pictures of the updating in progress:

It took a week and one day from tear out to functional again! I'm so proud of us for getting this done. It turned into a much bigger project than I originally anticipated, but I love the new space! It feels so much bigger and it functions so much better! I'll get some more pictures up once it is all organized and accessorized!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen Before

I forgot to pull out the camera until after I had started to pull everything apart... But you can get a rough idea of the kitchen "before"
I have lived here 6 years now, and I have hated this kitchen every minute of that time! The layout was completely arbitrary (Bill got the cabinets when somebody was tearing them out... so had to work with what he had) and nothing was finished. The room got thrown together and never finished. It was such a hard space to work in. There was neither enough counter nor cabinet space, so everything was always cluttered and i was always dealing with stuff in my way! Obviously I was thankful for a roof over my head and a room in which to make meals for the family... but secretly (or not so secretly) I have been hoping for a remodel...
Since Bill was slow (did I mention its been 6 years?!) I decided to do a "girl's renovation." Mom and Cindi were going to help me (with a $500 budget) make the most of it... well... once Bill figured I was serious he got in on the deal. We came up with a bit more money so we could do a few bigger fixes...
This post is to help us all remember what it looked like as we are now a few days into the job. It's coming along, and I can't wait for the project to be done! I am really looking forward to having a functional (and maybe sort of pretty) kitchen where everything has a place... check back for updates!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

9-16-10 = 8 months

Here is Wes today at 8 months! I had a hard time getting good pictures...
@ 8 months it is hard to lay still!

Wes has learned to climb stairs, crawls up and over anything, opens doors, drawers and cabinets. He rarely sits still- pretty much constantly moves. He was 20.05lbs a few days ago and his growth seems to have slowed. I wonder if it is in part due to how active he is. He is now in 12 months clothes and has 5 teeth!


Wes' teeth have been coming in quick. Number 5 broke thru yesterday... we don't get much of a break! They keep coming and coming... the newest one is on the top, next to his left front.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diaper Laundry

Cloth Diapering Wes was an easy decision... I knew pretty much right away that I didn't want him sitting in a cocktail of chemicals and his own waste. There has always been something about disposable diapers that creeps me out! For as many people as there are that CD there are reasons why we do it... For many the top three would be economics, environmental concerns and the health benefits of a more natural diaper... I'm honest with myself; I really am not sure I'm saving money or the environment, but boy are these cute and I can feel good about what I'm putting on my babies' bottom!
Every other day or so I have to wash dipes though... I'm a bit obsessive (and thus I think I negate any environmental benefits) and my wash routine is pretty long and involved... but after a soak cycle, a sanitary wash, an express wash and extra rinse I get to fold my fluff! It has become one of my favorite chores.
I really enjoy stuffing my pockets, matching up my dipes and their doublers and fondling all my fluff!

And, although he can't say so, I know Wes appreciates my efforts too!

Noble Squires

If you know Savanna AT ALL you know she has been waiting since last year to try out for cheering! Well, "try-outs" went well (all the girls made the team!) and today was her first "game."
It was actually a day set up for all the area teams to scrimmage. She cheers for pee-wee football, and Noble has two squads... so they were busy out on the field today!
For having just started and learning all the cheers in a couple weeks I thought she did great! The uniforms are a bone of contention among the girls and families. Our coach is trying hard to get them replaced, so hopefully the budget will allow the girls "real" cheering uniforms soon! Despite that, I thought the girls looked great, and I know they were loud and proud out on the fields!

Go Noble GO!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm in trouble

Wes is into everything now. If he can crawl to it, pull up on it, climb into or over it, put it into his mouth... you get the idea! Nothing is safe, he needs constant supervision:

I'm pretty sure this is what Dennis the Menace would have been like if the comic started earlier on in his life. And, to boot today he started making raspberry noises. Now not only is he into everything but he is "farting" his way from mess to mess!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Conway Lake

I don't have pictured for our latest boat adventure so you will just have to take my word for it: It was an ADVENTURE!!!

We left later than expected Saturday since the girls and I stayed longer at Kristan and Matt's wedding. After packing up, debating about risking a trip with no NH boating license and getting the boat hitched up it was almost 7pm. Wes and Olivia, Savanna, Bill and I were about half an hour into the trip when Bill looked back and noticed the trailer lights were out. Humm. He pulled over and could not figure out why they were nonfunctional. We opted to push our luck and continue on. About another 1/2 hour and we passed a Cop. Yup, blue lights flashing and we were pulled over. Sigh. The officer was very nice, ran all out info and let us on our way with the promise that Bill would work on a fix first thing in the morning.

Sunday dawned cool and windy, Bill replaced a few fuses and got the lights working on the trailer again! The kids were very excited to get out on the water and try the knee board. We launched very easily and Kurt, Kaleb, Jayson, our older 3 plus Bill and I set out to explore Conway Lake.

The lake is lovely! It is largely undeveloped with lots of little islands and coves. We cruised around a bit before the kids were too tired of waiting to try the board. Kurt and I and Savanna and Billy all tried (Savanna and Billy did great!!) the knee board and suddenly as Kurt was having a second go the engine cut completely out! There was no warning, it just made a clunk noise and DIED!!! We were totally adrift in the lake! It was labor day weekend, we figured there would be other boaters, but I think the cool windy day kept most people onshore! We opted to not radio for help (since no license!) and let the wind push us as far as we could go. Kurt and I swam with ropes pulling and guiding the boat as best we could. The kids camped out in the cabin with snacks and sodas and were very good! Bill used the one paddle we had to steer and add to our momentum. After an hour or so we hit shore and the men and Olivia and I tried to keep the boat off the rocks. It was a very bony shore, lots of big rocks... our plan of walking it back was not going to work! The cell's ha reception so we called Mom and Dad for help! Dad found a neighbor with a boat and they cam out to rescue us! Thanks Allan!!

It all ended well, Bill was able to determine that the boat somehow sucked water back into the exhaust and flooded the spark plugs. Once we were home he drained and dried them and it fired right up! So, alls well that ends well, it made for a memorable afternoon and now we know we can handle it should something ever go wrong again!

Kristan & Matt

Uncle Eddie's brother Matt got married this weekend. Matt and Kristan did much of the wedding themselves, and Uncle and Auntie were both in the wedding party. The girls and I helped along the way: the girls went a lot with Auntie and Kristan to run wedding errands and work on wedding touches. Mostly I baked and did some of the craftier projects. So, on Saturday when the big day had finally arrived we were there to help celebrate!
Everyone looked lovely, it was a perfect day and all the hard work paid off! I think Kristan was very happy with how it all came together and I know that as guests we really enjoyed the party!
The reception was at the Philbrick Mansion, it was amazing! The hot humid weather we had been having broke with the non-event of Hurricane Earl, and the day was perfect!

Congrats Kristan and Matt!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Yellow Taxi

Today was the first day of school! The big yellow taxi came and took my kids away

Olivia left bright and early for 8th grade. I'm so thankful that she is a good kid (some days are harder than others to remember that it's true!) since she came down full dressed and ready at 6:20 to say "bye!" I was sound asleep. Sigh. Mommy fail. I popped right up though and walked her out to the bus.

Savanna is in the 5th grade (the last year at our local elementary) and Billy in the 3rd (last year at the primary) Wes, well he was just along to see the bus!

Poor Olivia, it was well into the 90s today and all the school clothes we bought were fall/winter. We didn't get any shorts! Bill was grumpy I let her go in these "too short shorts" but bless her she got ready totally on her own and who was I to say they were too skimpy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The final 4

Well, the final of the 4. Front teeth that is. This darn tooth has caused us the most trouble, Wes was moderately fussy and needed a few doses of tylenol to get this one cut. Last weekend he was a tad "off" and for a few days during the week he was "needy" and easily upset. I knew it was coming, it blistered right up; it just took longer to erupt. It's thru now, and we have 4 front teeth!

Summer Vacation Finale

Much to the kids chagrin this is our last week of summer vacation... they start back to school tomorrow! We have had a heck of a finale though, as it has been 95 or so all week!
Our local agricultural fair was this weekend and Bill is always the farrier for the horse show. We typically spend the day as a family while he is "on-call" for any lost shoes. Sunday was blazing though, and we only stayed for 1/2 the day, we were melting! Wes loved the tractor pulls, and all the animals too. Billy did not get picked for the pig scramble, and was pretty upset. Savanna was crying after watching the piglets get scrambled for... I was too hot to do much to console either of them. So we left!
And went to the beach with Auntie! I'm pretty sure these were hurricane waves; we don't usually get surf this big. It was almost too much for Billy to be in the water! The girls and I and Auntie Anna had fun jumping and diving and riding the waves though! I'm not sure when the last time I went underwater in the ocean was- it's been a few years since I've gotten my head wet. Wes loved the beach, he is such a water guy~

Yesterday Bill surprised us with a new tube for the boat! It's called the Mach III and it's meant for 3 people. We took it over to Mousam for a spin and had fun. We ended up anchored and swimming most of the afternoon, but we did get a few good runs in. It's huge and takes up a lot of space on the boat but it is a super comfy ride and hard to flip. It also makes for a good floating island to play on when we anchor, it was a good buy for sure!
Today was errands for the last things we needed (haircut for Billy!) and then home to relax. It's hard though, since the outside temp is 94 (but feels like 97) and it is 86 in the house! I blew up the blue pool Poppy got for Wes and filled it up on the deck. It was fun to splash around in, and the hose water was chilly! It cooled us right off!
Now, by this time tomorrow we will be looking for the bus... bringin' them home from the first day of school!