Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Vacation Finale

Much to the kids chagrin this is our last week of summer vacation... they start back to school tomorrow! We have had a heck of a finale though, as it has been 95 or so all week!
Our local agricultural fair was this weekend and Bill is always the farrier for the horse show. We typically spend the day as a family while he is "on-call" for any lost shoes. Sunday was blazing though, and we only stayed for 1/2 the day, we were melting! Wes loved the tractor pulls, and all the animals too. Billy did not get picked for the pig scramble, and was pretty upset. Savanna was crying after watching the piglets get scrambled for... I was too hot to do much to console either of them. So we left!
And went to the beach with Auntie! I'm pretty sure these were hurricane waves; we don't usually get surf this big. It was almost too much for Billy to be in the water! The girls and I and Auntie Anna had fun jumping and diving and riding the waves though! I'm not sure when the last time I went underwater in the ocean was- it's been a few years since I've gotten my head wet. Wes loved the beach, he is such a water guy~

Yesterday Bill surprised us with a new tube for the boat! It's called the Mach III and it's meant for 3 people. We took it over to Mousam for a spin and had fun. We ended up anchored and swimming most of the afternoon, but we did get a few good runs in. It's huge and takes up a lot of space on the boat but it is a super comfy ride and hard to flip. It also makes for a good floating island to play on when we anchor, it was a good buy for sure!
Today was errands for the last things we needed (haircut for Billy!) and then home to relax. It's hard though, since the outside temp is 94 (but feels like 97) and it is 86 in the house! I blew up the blue pool Poppy got for Wes and filled it up on the deck. It was fun to splash around in, and the hose water was chilly! It cooled us right off!
Now, by this time tomorrow we will be looking for the bus... bringin' them home from the first day of school!


  1. The big yellow taxi showed up in Kittery Point today, Jay had a trip to Rainbow Country, and the baby is done cutting teeth! Ah, yes, the women of the world can all start breathing a sigh of relief!

  2. The tube looks like so much fun!!! :)