Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diaper Laundry

Cloth Diapering Wes was an easy decision... I knew pretty much right away that I didn't want him sitting in a cocktail of chemicals and his own waste. There has always been something about disposable diapers that creeps me out! For as many people as there are that CD there are reasons why we do it... For many the top three would be economics, environmental concerns and the health benefits of a more natural diaper... I'm honest with myself; I really am not sure I'm saving money or the environment, but boy are these cute and I can feel good about what I'm putting on my babies' bottom!
Every other day or so I have to wash dipes though... I'm a bit obsessive (and thus I think I negate any environmental benefits) and my wash routine is pretty long and involved... but after a soak cycle, a sanitary wash, an express wash and extra rinse I get to fold my fluff! It has become one of my favorite chores.
I really enjoy stuffing my pockets, matching up my dipes and their doublers and fondling all my fluff!

And, although he can't say so, I know Wes appreciates my efforts too!


  1. I count 19 on the dryer, and 1 on his bottom- does that mean you have 20?

  2. Nope, there are some in the wet bag too! But, clearly pockets and fitteds should be in their OWN catergories...

  3. What brand do you use? I'm not sure that I'm quite domestic enough to follow through with it, but I'd like to at least check in to it. Maybe, just maybe. ;)