Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kristan & Matt

Uncle Eddie's brother Matt got married this weekend. Matt and Kristan did much of the wedding themselves, and Uncle and Auntie were both in the wedding party. The girls and I helped along the way: the girls went a lot with Auntie and Kristan to run wedding errands and work on wedding touches. Mostly I baked and did some of the craftier projects. So, on Saturday when the big day had finally arrived we were there to help celebrate!
Everyone looked lovely, it was a perfect day and all the hard work paid off! I think Kristan was very happy with how it all came together and I know that as guests we really enjoyed the party!
The reception was at the Philbrick Mansion, it was amazing! The hot humid weather we had been having broke with the non-event of Hurricane Earl, and the day was perfect!

Congrats Kristan and Matt!

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  1. wow that was the weekend for weddings!!! you "had" one, We "had" one, and I had two (different) boarding dogs this weekend, because their families were at weddings, maybe Labor Day weekend will take over the traditional "june" weddings!!!! so glad the boat adventage wasn't anything awful!!! and nice to see that you are prepared as you had thought!!!