Monday, October 29, 2012

10-29-12 = 4 months

Wyatt is 4 months old today!
He went to the Dr.s for his well check and shots.  He has been cranky and sad this afternoon- I'm glad I split this round up!  He will have to go back in a month for more- I didn't want to overwhelm his system and seems as though that was smart.  At the visit he weighed 15 pounds, was 25 1/4" long and his head measures 16 5/8ths which puts him squarely at the 50% for each of the measurements.  Harriet the NP said he was perfect!  Happy, healthy, advanced with his motor skills plus cute as can be! 

Now that he can roll both ways he is on the move.  He rolls and scoots and manages to get around a few feet before he begins to get tired and smashes his face.  He is hard to entertain since he moves off at lightening speed... he will sit a bit in the bumbo but needs toys to be happy.  He is very engaging- looks and smiles and "talks" a lot.  He is in 6 month clothes and all of the one sized diapers (snapped down though)  His growth has been good, and he doesn't seem overly hungry so we will put off solids until 6 months.  My milk supply is really declining though- I'm not sure I'll make 6 months with him.  He eats well, mostly 5ozs at a feeding and sleeps well too.  A shorter nap in the morning, then a longer (sometimes 2 hrs) afternoon nap and sometimes a quick cat nap again in the evening.  For the most part he sleeps 9pm until 2 or 3 then eats and sleeps until around 6.  Once he is ready to get up in the morning there is no putting him off- he is ready to play!  He still doesn't like the car but is getting better.  He loves to be held and cuddled and "talked" to.  He won't get lost in a "big" family- he is loud and makes his needs know.  Once you figure him out though he is right back to happy and playful.  I love this little guy!  


Even though the deer got most of my vining plants, we ended up with plenty of gourds and a pumpkin for each kid to carve.  We did them last week.  Ok- Bill and the kids did them... I made dinner and watched!


The fall is flying by- soon winter will be upon us (today we are hunkering down for hurricane Sandy)
The horses are eating down what remains of the green grass- and scarfing up all the apples off the apple trees out in the pasture!
I managed to find time for one ride- it was so nice to hop on and tool around in the woods for a bit by myself.  I am especially busy this fall putting in 3 12 hr shifts a week with Arlene in Wells.  It seems I have no spare time at all these days~  Beau was good- I worked him in the round pen a bit, and then tried out the green space by the barn... that needs work for sure, so into the woods I went.  It was beautiful and even just that quick ride recharged me!  Back to feedin' and muckin' with renewed enthusiasm!
We harvested our pumpkins and gourds one afternoon- Wes got stung by a wasp which put a damper on the activity; but still we got a pumpkin for each kid and plenty of gourds to decorate with!

It's been a wet fall- no Indian Summer like I had hoped!  There was still plenty of color though, and I always enjoy the leaves.
With all the rain and our busy schedules (plus an early crop) we missed the apples.  I was disappointed not to get into the orchard with the kids!  Arlene and I drove out to a farm stand one afternoon and I did get some though- enough for 2 batches of sauce (which I canned, adding to my 2 varieties of pickles and 2 types of jam!) a pie or two and some muffins.
With Halloween this week the end of the season seems upon us~ I wonder what fun winter will bring?!

Little Big Boy


It's been 10 days since Wes had a ba-ba!  He has had his bottle much longer than I intended, and we finally made the move to get rid of it.  It was Wes' only comfort- he doesn't have a blanket or other lovie... just his ba-ba.  We had gotten him down to only a night bottle around his second birthday- and after that it was one thing or another- his new room, the new baby... always something kept me from making the move.  Mostly I was using it as a crutch- he always went right to sleep with it!  Then, he occasionally would wake in the night and want "more milk" to get back to sleep... again, it was easier to give it to him and know he would go right back to his bed... then he wanted "more milk" in the morning... and he would snuggle in the chair and watch TV with it.  A half hour to myself in the am?!  Sure!  Then, recently he had been waking in the night having to go to the bathroom.  I surely didn't want to miss this window of opportunity- he was suddenly very aware of not peeing in his night diaper and having all that milk in the night was making it difficult... he was often up twice and then for the day by 6 or so... and with the baby's night wakings... well, enough was enough!  Last Friday he had his usual night routine, had more milk in the am on Saturday... then he slept at Grandma Beth's Saturday night and we "accidentally" forgot his ba-ba there.  Oops!  He has done so well, and I am so very proud of how it has gone.  He is back to sleeping all night- 8:30 to 6:30 or so and has been completely dry to boot!!  He cried Monday morning, for just a few moments but other than that he hasn't made that big of a fuss.  When we were talking about it one da though e told me he didn't want to be a "big boy" (since maybe then I'd find a ba-ba?!) but he was a "little big boy!"  So, my "little big boy" I am so proud of you!  I know this is/was hard- for the both of us... the last baby thing about him gone.... sniff. sniff. sniff. 
on the other hand- totally potty trained and sleeping thru the night- I'll take it!   

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back to Front

Today Wyatt rolled back to front.  He has been working on it for a while now, and this week with Arlene he has been so close!  He was on the livingroom floor laying on his back this morning, and I heard muffled crying and walked in to find him on his stomach.  Bill and Wes were outside, so I know he didn't have help! 

Earth Quake

Last week on Tuesday we had an earth quake!  It was a really unique experience- not something either Bill or I could remember having gone thru.  I had gotten a late start on supper- so when the tremor rolled thru just after 7pm we were still all sitting at the dinner table (I had roasted one of our yummy chickens) I heard it before I felt it- a rumble and then some shaking.  It wasn't lateral movement like I expected... really it felt like a rumble.  It is hard to describe, but the movement matched the sound) based on the noise/feeling below us we all thought it was something in the basement.  From our informal survey (it was the talk of the town for a few days) most people assumed their boiler or furnace had blown!  I thought maybe it was my washer.  Well, it was a magnitude 4.0 quake epicentered in Hollis- about 20 mins or so from here!  As the rumble came thru, and the house shook Bill went right out onto the deck (after a quick "what the he!! was that?!") and I sent Savanna down to check the basement (no smoke or anything from the stairwell)  Wes was pretty freaked out so I took him with me to the barn to check the horses.  Grace was snorting in her stall, but the others seemed unaffected by it.  They were all blinking from me suddenly turning on the light, but otherwise fine.  Right away we turned on the TV and sure enough- Quake!  It was pretty neat, no damage done and gave us lots to talk about.  I bet that was one night the kids will remember for a long time!  When I called to check on Arlene, she said in 86 years she had never experienced anything like it- so here's betting it was a once in a life-time event!  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sittin' Pretty

Wy has been working his way out of his bouncy chair.  If he isn't buckled into it, he can toss himself around and practically slides right out.  I use it at work to "contain" him so I'm disappointed it won't work for too much longer.  Today we pulled out the bumbo to see if it was a viable option... seems like it will work!

Wy loves sitting up and being part of the activity!


On Monday the Mooers' had a service in celebration of John's life.  I wanted to attend, and felt that Wyatt "needed" to be there as well.  Not having a sitter for Wes I had approached Arlene about bringing both boys.  Mom said she would run interference and help me keep tabs on the kiddos.  Arlene said it was fine, and I spent a bit of time talking to Wes about death, dying and funerals/burial.  It was a great opportunity for life lessons, but I did wonder how he would do. 
John's daughter Judy said some nice words about her father, and one of the great traits she shared about her Dad was his love of children.  This had been supremely evident to me during the brief time we knew him.  In her eulogy she mentioned Wyatt and spoke to the beauty of the two of them- Wy and John... one ending his life, one beginning his and the delight and joy they shared at meeting somewhere in the middle.
Now I'm not entirely sure what exactly what I believe about what goes on with one's soul after life here on earth has ended, but Judy made the point to me the other day that perhaps the "newness" of Wyatt's life allowed him understanding of where John was headed... either way it was a nice ceremony and I enjoyed hearing stories about John and his family.
Wes was on his "best" behavior and for the most part was able to keep himself in check.  Of course, he is two and there were a few moments he was loud, and a time or two I had to remind him but honestly I think he did try and understood (sort of) what was going on.  It was a long day and we didn't end up leaving until well into the afternoon.  Back at the house in Wells he finally had enough and passed out in a chair.  These cell phone pictures don't do it justice- he was so stinkin' cute.  I was proud of him for his acceptance of the day's activities, and his effort to be "good."  I was so glad of the ability to be a part of the day for Arlene and Judy~ and glad my boys got to be a *small* part of John's life

Favorites From This Week

You're not tired of Wyatt pictures yet are you?!

Clearly the new kid is getting more than his fair share of blog space...!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Poppie found us a Monarch caterpillar and we spent a few weeks this fall watching it.  We fed it fresh milkweed and were so happy when he made a chrysalis.  It took longer than I remembered for him to make the changed... I was about to give up on him when he turned black.  I am disappointed that I didn't get any pictures until the day he "hatched"

Even though we had talked about it, Wes was still sad when we had to let him go.  He talked about every little bug and critter as "my friend."  Catty-pilly was no exception...  we talked long and hard about it and decided putting him out on the deck was the right thing to do!  Hopefully he made it to Mexico~ despite the sadness what a fun project this was for us... I'm betting Pop will find another one next fall and we can watch it again!

Birthday Bill

On Thursday Bill celebrated his 43rd birthday.  While I like a little fussing over my birthday, Bill prefers a quiet celebration... as in years past I did a simple dinner at home to mark the passing of another year.  His Mom made the traditional angel food cake, and the kids really enjoyed putting 43 candles on it!  The flame melted the top frosting and scared Wes!

I am so thankful that I have Bill in my life~ I couldn't imagine life without him.  He is the best father, a loving supportive mate, such a talented horseman and his ability to imagine/build/fix boggles my mind!  We have had a pretty amazing year; I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.  Happy Birthday Honey!  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Roll Over

Tonight, under Sister Savanna's tutelage Wyatt rolled over!

He went front to back a half dozen times~ I'm so proud!
For 2 weeks or so now, in his pack-n-play he has been scooting around; shifting positions as he plays with his toys... and now this.  Guess I can't be leaving him any more!