Monday, October 29, 2012

10-29-12 = 4 months

Wyatt is 4 months old today!
He went to the Dr.s for his well check and shots.  He has been cranky and sad this afternoon- I'm glad I split this round up!  He will have to go back in a month for more- I didn't want to overwhelm his system and seems as though that was smart.  At the visit he weighed 15 pounds, was 25 1/4" long and his head measures 16 5/8ths which puts him squarely at the 50% for each of the measurements.  Harriet the NP said he was perfect!  Happy, healthy, advanced with his motor skills plus cute as can be! 

Now that he can roll both ways he is on the move.  He rolls and scoots and manages to get around a few feet before he begins to get tired and smashes his face.  He is hard to entertain since he moves off at lightening speed... he will sit a bit in the bumbo but needs toys to be happy.  He is very engaging- looks and smiles and "talks" a lot.  He is in 6 month clothes and all of the one sized diapers (snapped down though)  His growth has been good, and he doesn't seem overly hungry so we will put off solids until 6 months.  My milk supply is really declining though- I'm not sure I'll make 6 months with him.  He eats well, mostly 5ozs at a feeding and sleeps well too.  A shorter nap in the morning, then a longer (sometimes 2 hrs) afternoon nap and sometimes a quick cat nap again in the evening.  For the most part he sleeps 9pm until 2 or 3 then eats and sleeps until around 6.  Once he is ready to get up in the morning there is no putting him off- he is ready to play!  He still doesn't like the car but is getting better.  He loves to be held and cuddled and "talked" to.  He won't get lost in a "big" family- he is loud and makes his needs know.  Once you figure him out though he is right back to happy and playful.  I love this little guy!  


  1. What a cutie!! What a happy little guy :)

  2. Growing like a weed and cute as a button. Sounds like he's going to be keeping your hands full just like little Wes. Lucky mama!