Sunday, October 7, 2012


On Monday the Mooers' had a service in celebration of John's life.  I wanted to attend, and felt that Wyatt "needed" to be there as well.  Not having a sitter for Wes I had approached Arlene about bringing both boys.  Mom said she would run interference and help me keep tabs on the kiddos.  Arlene said it was fine, and I spent a bit of time talking to Wes about death, dying and funerals/burial.  It was a great opportunity for life lessons, but I did wonder how he would do. 
John's daughter Judy said some nice words about her father, and one of the great traits she shared about her Dad was his love of children.  This had been supremely evident to me during the brief time we knew him.  In her eulogy she mentioned Wyatt and spoke to the beauty of the two of them- Wy and John... one ending his life, one beginning his and the delight and joy they shared at meeting somewhere in the middle.
Now I'm not entirely sure what exactly what I believe about what goes on with one's soul after life here on earth has ended, but Judy made the point to me the other day that perhaps the "newness" of Wyatt's life allowed him understanding of where John was headed... either way it was a nice ceremony and I enjoyed hearing stories about John and his family.
Wes was on his "best" behavior and for the most part was able to keep himself in check.  Of course, he is two and there were a few moments he was loud, and a time or two I had to remind him but honestly I think he did try and understood (sort of) what was going on.  It was a long day and we didn't end up leaving until well into the afternoon.  Back at the house in Wells he finally had enough and passed out in a chair.  These cell phone pictures don't do it justice- he was so stinkin' cute.  I was proud of him for his acceptance of the day's activities, and his effort to be "good."  I was so glad of the ability to be a part of the day for Arlene and Judy~ and glad my boys got to be a *small* part of John's life

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