Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Earth Quake

Last week on Tuesday we had an earth quake!  It was a really unique experience- not something either Bill or I could remember having gone thru.  I had gotten a late start on supper- so when the tremor rolled thru just after 7pm we were still all sitting at the dinner table (I had roasted one of our yummy chickens) I heard it before I felt it- a rumble and then some shaking.  It wasn't lateral movement like I expected... really it felt like a rumble.  It is hard to describe, but the movement matched the sound) based on the noise/feeling below us we all thought it was something in the basement.  From our informal survey (it was the talk of the town for a few days) most people assumed their boiler or furnace had blown!  I thought maybe it was my washer.  Well, it was a magnitude 4.0 quake epicentered in Hollis- about 20 mins or so from here!  As the rumble came thru, and the house shook Bill went right out onto the deck (after a quick "what the he!! was that?!") and I sent Savanna down to check the basement (no smoke or anything from the stairwell)  Wes was pretty freaked out so I took him with me to the barn to check the horses.  Grace was snorting in her stall, but the others seemed unaffected by it.  They were all blinking from me suddenly turning on the light, but otherwise fine.  Right away we turned on the TV and sure enough- Quake!  It was pretty neat, no damage done and gave us lots to talk about.  I bet that was one night the kids will remember for a long time!  When I called to check on Arlene, she said in 86 years she had never experienced anything like it- so here's betting it was a once in a life-time event!  

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  1. We have had a few here, but I only ever remember actually feeling one of them. And it was exactly like you described. They say we are due for a big one any day (which freaks the crap out of me!)since we are right beside a major fault line.
    I sure hope it's not in my lifetime! Glad that yours was a little and that nothing was damaged. But yes, definitely an experience to remember!