Monday, October 29, 2012


The fall is flying by- soon winter will be upon us (today we are hunkering down for hurricane Sandy)
The horses are eating down what remains of the green grass- and scarfing up all the apples off the apple trees out in the pasture!
I managed to find time for one ride- it was so nice to hop on and tool around in the woods for a bit by myself.  I am especially busy this fall putting in 3 12 hr shifts a week with Arlene in Wells.  It seems I have no spare time at all these days~  Beau was good- I worked him in the round pen a bit, and then tried out the green space by the barn... that needs work for sure, so into the woods I went.  It was beautiful and even just that quick ride recharged me!  Back to feedin' and muckin' with renewed enthusiasm!
We harvested our pumpkins and gourds one afternoon- Wes got stung by a wasp which put a damper on the activity; but still we got a pumpkin for each kid and plenty of gourds to decorate with!

It's been a wet fall- no Indian Summer like I had hoped!  There was still plenty of color though, and I always enjoy the leaves.
With all the rain and our busy schedules (plus an early crop) we missed the apples.  I was disappointed not to get into the orchard with the kids!  Arlene and I drove out to a farm stand one afternoon and I did get some though- enough for 2 batches of sauce (which I canned, adding to my 2 varieties of pickles and 2 types of jam!) a pie or two and some muffins.
With Halloween this week the end of the season seems upon us~ I wonder what fun winter will bring?!

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