Saturday, September 29, 2012

9-29-12 = 3 months

Another month has passed, and Wyatt continues to grow!  He is 13 lbs 2 ozs and looks so much chubbier than he did starting out.  He is in 3 month clothes- I had to pull out winter weather stuff from Wes as we got cooler and all of what I had was summer!  He has a few outfits he didn't get to wear yet- so I'm hopeful for a warm day or two yet!  I may jump him right into 6 month stuff pretty quickly though, since that's the size I bought for his fall/winter wardrobe! 
He is quite animated and loves toys and his mobile.  He will "play" for quite a long while if he is in the right mood. If not, he will screech and let you know!  We are still using all his infant cloth diapers- Wes was out of them by now!  He eats about 4ozs consistently now, sometimes doesn't drain a bottle but most of the time he will.  I admit to propping his bottles now and then (sorry- it's part of life when you are #5!) and he can get his hands up there but not hold yet.  I'm hopeful it won't be long.  He shows no interest in rolling; really doesn't care for "tummy time" and loves to suck his fingers/hands/fist.  He engages and smiles at you a lot more than I remember Wes doing.  He also talks more than I recall his brother doing at this age.  He does a lot of coo-ing and goo-ing. 
He sleeps pretty well 9pm or so until 3ish, then feeds and sleeps again until 6ish.  I must say I am so happy Wes figured out the potty and sleeping (alone) thru the night before Wyatt arrived.  I count myself pretty lucky on those accounts.   

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home Coming '12

This past weekend was Olivia's home coming dance.  And, naturally she took Todd- her boyfriend!

They had a really nice time, and looked pretty good all cleaned up! 
We all like Todd a lot- he is a real nice guy; comes from a good family... and lives far enough away (Stratham, NH) that they get together only on the weekends!

Field Hockey

After her success with Lacrosse, Savanna decided to try her hand at field hockey.  She joined the middle school team having never played before; she has picked up basics of the game pretty quickly and done very well... plus she really enjoys it.
 She plays for both the 7th and 8th grade teams because she volunteered to play goalie.  She didn't want the only other girl who volunteered to have to do it all the time, so she said she would learn the position.  The coach says she is very intuitive and she has made a number of great saves!  She is learning, and so is the team... so in terms of wins, well...

 I think she enjoys both playing the field and being in the goal.  Between practies and games she plays every day after school- so we have been busy!  Wes really likes that she is goalie since he can help with the goalie gear (and wear the gloves and/or helmet) after games! 
And another thing: 
She is #1

Papa John

Last night "Papa John" Mooers left this earth... 91 years of a life well lived

While I had only known him these last 5 weeks, it still makes me really sad to type this out now.  He was such a cool old man, and a real pleasure to be around; even with his health conditions and advanced age, he was a stubborn, loving, funny guy.  He really took a liking to Wyatt, and pretty quickly I was bringing the baby every shift.  "He's a good guy" John would say.  The two of them seemed to have a genuine connection.  John very quickly took a downward turn on my shift Sunday evening- I was scared, and unsure of what I needed to do for/with him.  We struggled thru the night and Wyatt never made a peep!  He seemed to know this was the night he needed to sleep thru.  I set him in his bouncy chair in the background, and John asked about him more than once- but Wy just slept on... never waking despite the chaos.  One of the last lucid moments I had with John was after Cindi arrived in the morning.  She held Wyatt up- he flashed Papa John a few big smiles, and Papa John smiled back!
My heart breaks for his wife of 68 years (although she reminds me they have been together 72 years!!!) Arlene.  I know at 86 that this is devastating for her, she will continue to play a role in our lives for the remainder of hers.  While I know Wyatt won't remember him, John has taught me some valuable lessons about love, and life... and about the death process.  His memorial will likely be Monday~ Wyatt and I will be in attendance for sure!
 Rest In Peace Papa John    
these pictures were taken Sunday just before his heart/lungs began their final failures... 24 hours later he would be incapacitated by the process... it was that sudden...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wyatt Update

My baby is getting so big so fast!  I can't believe he is creeping up on 3 months already.  We are so busy, but I try each day to take a moment or two to just watch him, and soak it in!  He is in 3 month clothes weighing almost 12 pounds, and looks big to me.  He is totally round now, and has a much different look from the slight thin face he had when he was born.  
He is reaching and batting at toys, loves to watch the mobile and really engages when you talk with him.  He smiles and coos and is way too adorable!  I don't remember Wes "talking" this much.
I think he will hold his own in this family!  Hi-Yah! 
  He suddenly has a high pitched shriek that is hard to ignore- he can really yell!  I feel thankful he is such a good baby, easy going and all... but not as go with the flow as Wes was.  Savanna has been so helpful with Wes (and Wy) and this allows me to meet many of his demands... He has an opinion and is certainly going to make his feelings know. But, even when he is boycotting sleep or insisting on being held~ how can you be mad at this face?! 
Already he is trying to keep up with the other kids... We have days when he refuses to nap- I remember this from Wes... if you sleep you might miss something!

 I have picked up some hours helping to tend to an elderly couple in Wells.  I stumbled into this home health care job thru Cindi... It's quite different from anything I've done before.  I went from thinking I might help out here and there, to doing almost 50 hours last week!  It really doesn't feel bad though since they need overnight care two of the 12 hr shifts were at night, and since Wyatt is so little, and so easy to be around they said he was welcome!  So, Wy and I have been going to work!   
I think, for the chapter that they are in their lives, Wyatt brings a lot of joy (and vitality) to Arlene and John.  He honestly, is magical for this couple... Both John and Arlene are "sick" and showing much of the wear their ages bring (86 and 91!  They have been married 68 years!!) They are coming off a bad situation where they were taken advantage of, and put in a bad spot.  Despite this, they are moving forward and little did they know that when they hired me they were getting a second "employee."  They seem to love having him hang out at the house with them.  John is so sweet with the baby, he worries more about him and his care than about himself!  I know Wyatt won't remember them- but he has touched this couple.  How lucky we all are.  This "job" isn't forever- neither of them will be around too terribly long, but for now I enjoy helping... and watching the spark Wy brings 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Going Back

To School:
Savanna and Billy went back Thursday; Savy to the 7th grade (at the Middle School)
and Billy to 5th at his last year in town at the Hurd School

As a Sophomore Olivia didn't have to go until Friday~
Here's to another great year!!

Labor Day

Grandma and Grandpa Houston hosted a little Labor day bar-b-que.  It was nice to hang out up at the farm house... Grandma had back surgery for a pinched nerve and slipped disk right after Wyatt was born, and has been busy mending most of the summer.  It was such a pleasant afternoon with good food and fun!
Auntie Anna had found these airplane kits at a yard sale, and the kids and Bill put them together and spent a long while flying them.  It was a perfect activity to keep everyone busy and happy!  Savanna had a hard time with hers, and almost gave up... but she got it done eventually.
Grandma hosted outside in the back yard under a big tent she has set up.  The flies joined us, but we just kept shoo-ing them away!  The afternoon was beautiful, the food yummy and I really enjoyed just hanging out.
It doesn't seem like summer should be over yet, but I suppose this is the "unofficial" end of the season.  I'm hopeful for an Indian summer~ but we shall see.

Houston we Have A...

"Thumb" Sucker!
Well, a sucker of some sort... right now its the side of his fist or a knuckle.  However, it's the closest to a thumb sucker the Houston clan has seen!  I'm not sure it is a permanent thing... honestly I still wonder if it will continue but we are on day four or five and he is getting better and better at finding it, and sucks like crazy when he gets it to his mouth (you can hear him clear across the house suck-suck-sucking!)