Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day

Grandma and Grandpa Houston hosted a little Labor day bar-b-que.  It was nice to hang out up at the farm house... Grandma had back surgery for a pinched nerve and slipped disk right after Wyatt was born, and has been busy mending most of the summer.  It was such a pleasant afternoon with good food and fun!
Auntie Anna had found these airplane kits at a yard sale, and the kids and Bill put them together and spent a long while flying them.  It was a perfect activity to keep everyone busy and happy!  Savanna had a hard time with hers, and almost gave up... but she got it done eventually.
Grandma hosted outside in the back yard under a big tent she has set up.  The flies joined us, but we just kept shoo-ing them away!  The afternoon was beautiful, the food yummy and I really enjoyed just hanging out.
It doesn't seem like summer should be over yet, but I suppose this is the "unofficial" end of the season.  I'm hopeful for an Indian summer~ but we shall see.

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