Saturday, September 29, 2012

9-29-12 = 3 months

Another month has passed, and Wyatt continues to grow!  He is 13 lbs 2 ozs and looks so much chubbier than he did starting out.  He is in 3 month clothes- I had to pull out winter weather stuff from Wes as we got cooler and all of what I had was summer!  He has a few outfits he didn't get to wear yet- so I'm hopeful for a warm day or two yet!  I may jump him right into 6 month stuff pretty quickly though, since that's the size I bought for his fall/winter wardrobe! 
He is quite animated and loves toys and his mobile.  He will "play" for quite a long while if he is in the right mood. If not, he will screech and let you know!  We are still using all his infant cloth diapers- Wes was out of them by now!  He eats about 4ozs consistently now, sometimes doesn't drain a bottle but most of the time he will.  I admit to propping his bottles now and then (sorry- it's part of life when you are #5!) and he can get his hands up there but not hold yet.  I'm hopeful it won't be long.  He shows no interest in rolling; really doesn't care for "tummy time" and loves to suck his fingers/hands/fist.  He engages and smiles at you a lot more than I remember Wes doing.  He also talks more than I recall his brother doing at this age.  He does a lot of coo-ing and goo-ing. 
He sleeps pretty well 9pm or so until 3ish, then feeds and sleeps again until 6ish.  I must say I am so happy Wes figured out the potty and sleeping (alone) thru the night before Wyatt arrived.  I count myself pretty lucky on those accounts.   

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  1. hey- take a photo of all five laying next to each other, but with their feet all they would look like a graph...