Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wyatt Update

My baby is getting so big so fast!  I can't believe he is creeping up on 3 months already.  We are so busy, but I try each day to take a moment or two to just watch him, and soak it in!  He is in 3 month clothes weighing almost 12 pounds, and looks big to me.  He is totally round now, and has a much different look from the slight thin face he had when he was born.  
He is reaching and batting at toys, loves to watch the mobile and really engages when you talk with him.  He smiles and coos and is way too adorable!  I don't remember Wes "talking" this much.
I think he will hold his own in this family!  Hi-Yah! 
  He suddenly has a high pitched shriek that is hard to ignore- he can really yell!  I feel thankful he is such a good baby, easy going and all... but not as go with the flow as Wes was.  Savanna has been so helpful with Wes (and Wy) and this allows me to meet many of his demands... He has an opinion and is certainly going to make his feelings know. But, even when he is boycotting sleep or insisting on being held~ how can you be mad at this face?! 
Already he is trying to keep up with the other kids... We have days when he refuses to nap- I remember this from Wes... if you sleep you might miss something!

 I have picked up some hours helping to tend to an elderly couple in Wells.  I stumbled into this home health care job thru Cindi... It's quite different from anything I've done before.  I went from thinking I might help out here and there, to doing almost 50 hours last week!  It really doesn't feel bad though since they need overnight care two of the 12 hr shifts were at night, and since Wyatt is so little, and so easy to be around they said he was welcome!  So, Wy and I have been going to work!   
I think, for the chapter that they are in their lives, Wyatt brings a lot of joy (and vitality) to Arlene and John.  He honestly, is magical for this couple... Both John and Arlene are "sick" and showing much of the wear their ages bring (86 and 91!  They have been married 68 years!!) They are coming off a bad situation where they were taken advantage of, and put in a bad spot.  Despite this, they are moving forward and little did they know that when they hired me they were getting a second "employee."  They seem to love having him hang out at the house with them.  John is so sweet with the baby, he worries more about him and his care than about himself!  I know Wyatt won't remember them- but he has touched this couple.  How lucky we all are.  This "job" isn't forever- neither of them will be around too terribly long, but for now I enjoy helping... and watching the spark Wy brings 


  1. Wow, you keep your plate wonderful this couple must be, and it is so sad, when folks are taken advantage of...glad you are bringing them some joy...Way is changing so fast....can't believe how time flies...Love to all, Nanny

  2. How sweet Alex - they must love having him around - baby cuddles ate the best therapy for anything :)