Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Field Hockey

After her success with Lacrosse, Savanna decided to try her hand at field hockey.  She joined the middle school team having never played before; she has picked up basics of the game pretty quickly and done very well... plus she really enjoys it.
 She plays for both the 7th and 8th grade teams because she volunteered to play goalie.  She didn't want the only other girl who volunteered to have to do it all the time, so she said she would learn the position.  The coach says she is very intuitive and she has made a number of great saves!  She is learning, and so is the team... so in terms of wins, well...

 I think she enjoys both playing the field and being in the goal.  Between practies and games she plays every day after school- so we have been busy!  Wes really likes that she is goalie since he can help with the goalie gear (and wear the gloves and/or helmet) after games! 
And another thing: 
She is #1

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