Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

As is our tradition, just after the turkey is cooled and put away and the dishwasher is loaded we hit the stores for black Friday deals! Em and I always go out with Mom for the official start of our Christmas shopping! She makes it fun with a little gift (always some shopping money too!) of a neat planner/organizer. We opted to try for some of the early bird stuff and were at Toy-R-Us a little before 11pm. The line circles the front of the store, ran down along the back, double onto itself and cleared the whole parking lot. The line to get IN the store. Sheeze. I guess we are seeing signs of an economic turn around! We regrouped after deciding not to stand in the cold and were home in bed again for a 4:30 start!
Having no idea of what the day would hold, we brought Wes along. He was such a trooper! He was a hit with all the ladies in the lines; I'm certain he was the cutest shopper ever! He was so ahppy to be out and about, he is such a busy body the crowds were right up his alley! He was so stimulated and excited he couldn't even be bothered to eat! Fianlly he couldn't bear it and in Kohl's took a little nap in the cart... and then again later in the day (we were out from 4:30am until about 2:30 or 3pm!) he slept laying down in a Target buggy!
Em had to wedge herself in as we filled the Envoy but it's always such fun and really takes a lot of the pressure off when I am able to get so much done so early (and to have Mom's $ funding it!) Wes played with just about everything, and I think he will be very happy on Christmas morning... Now on to Cyber Monday and hopefully a few more gifts knocked off the list!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did! What a pleasure it is to spend the day with family, eat such a wonderful meal and reflect upon all the things we have to be thankful for!
We had 18 people at our house for the turkey meal. We did a later than usual (6pm) dinner so had a nice amount of time to visit and everyone pitched in to get things ready! Uncle Eddie made an amazing antipasto spread so we nibbled and chatted as we cooked and cleaned! We need 3 tables for sure next year- it was tight with 2... but we managed to pull together quite a feast! We did 2 turkeys... one roasted as per tradition (but I brined for the first time...) and one in deep fried. I think we cooked the fried bird a bit too long, but it was a fun process for sure!
Wes napped at all the appropriate times so he was chipper and in just the right mood for his first Thanksgiving dinner...

We certainly are blessed; what a lot we have to be thankful for!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Savanna's Birthday: Round 2

Savanna had her friends over for her birthday today. She kept it small, with just 3 friends for the "party". Kate came to the dance with us last night, then slept over and her other two pals arrived this afternoon- it was a great group and I think they all had fun.
I made an tie-dyed cake for Sav. She wanted marble cake and ice cream so I got creative with the frosting to personalize it for her. The girls loved it, so I guess it was a good idea! Kate told me it was one of the coolest cakes she had ever seen! (can you see me blushing?! I've done some pretty hard core cakes with loads of piping... this was just icing and gel and some toothpicks! But, don't tell any of them that!!)

Round 2 presents, always fun to get more stuff!

After cake and ice cream and gifts I took the girls out to the local bowling lanes... we threw a game and then they did the arcade. It was a nice way to spend some time and I didn't feel stressed to entertain them all! The girls were all pretty good bowlers. I'll admit that out of the 5 of us, I came in second to last... and only beat the one kid by a few pins...

Now, that's it for birthday's until Wes!

Bring a Friend Dance

We have taken our troop to the Girl Scout Bring a Friend Dance for as many years as we have been doing scouts. It is a fun event; the girls love getting dressed up and dancing under the disco ball! I have many memories linked to this dance... 2 years back my friend Cindi got some very unsettling news on the day of the dance... and last year I went in a wheel chair! This year Wes attended and had a good time boogieing with the girls! He was very cute when he walked right up to another little boy there and kissed him right on the lips... another B.A.F.D. memory for me!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Christmas gift givers: Please note, gift bags with tissue are the way to go! This is after I cleaned up the livingroom this morning. Note to self, putting all the paper/tissue into a bag to use to start the fire seemed like a good idea.....


A few weeks back, as we were getting over the bug that blew thru the house I woke to snickering and the flash of the camera. Olivia caught the three of us in an afternoon nap! Wes is amazing, I can't imagine life without him; but the three "big kids" plus him... well the 4 of them keep me hopping! With something like an icky stomach bug, it's hard to get back on your feet. I guess it's true, when you are a Mother you don't get sick days, but limping thru is no existence either! Well, on this afternoon it finally caught up to me. Wes and I were snuggling in the chair. He started to doze, and well, the small warm body... well, you know where this is going. I started to get droopy eyed and then Bill came in and saw us all cozy and warm and squeezed himself into our small recliner.... and clearly by the time Olivia got home from school we were all passed out! You've got to catch the Z's when you can, right?! Busted!!

Peaceful Baby Boy

I often let Wes fall asleep up in the living room, then when I am ready to go to bed I change him into his "nigh-nights diaper" and carry him down to his little co sleeper for the night. I don't like to have him down there when I am not... Last night, after the party for Sister, Wes was pooped! He was worn out, but a little hyped up and he had trouble falling asleep. It was almost 10 by the time he settled and I was pretty cranky by then. I wanted my "me" time so I tucked him into bed and quickly hopped on to check e-mail before bed on the downstairs computer. After I ran up to brush teeth and use the bathroom I came back down, and his little angel awaited me. He must have stirred and was looking for me in the bed... then fell back to sleep waiting on his Mama. Melt my heart!

So, yes, the cat is out of the bag. At 10 months old this poor, neglected soul has no room of his own. The terrible abuse of having to sleep in a mini-co sleeper next to his mama has not gone unnoticed! No, really; Wes is happy as can be sleeping right next to me, and I'm happy with the situation too.... for now! But, he will need a space of his own one day (especially since the warning on the co-sleeper clearly states it is "not intended for use for infants who can crawl out!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Savy

Can you believe that Savanna Joy is 11?! It's crazy, I know... but true! Wednesday was her "family" dinner and party. As per tradition she chose dinner: egg puff, hash browned potatoes, bacon and blueberry milkshakes.
"Brinner" she calls it- Breakfast for dinner!
She asked Grandma Houston to make her angel food cake pink, got loads of fun gifts and had her family surrounding her to celebrate! Please note the "footie" pajamas she has been wanting...
Here is a picture for Auntie Krista: your card arrived right on her b-day, she was pretty impressed with the timing!

Happy Day Savy, We hope your 11th year is great!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11-16-10 = 10 months

Trying to get this boy to lay still for pictures is getting harder and harder! He is walking all around and did not want to stay still for our 10 month photo shoot...
I finally bribed him with my camera lens cover and he stopped moving for a second! I had to have Bill hold him down to get the first 2 shots...

One of this months developments (other than walking!) is that now Wes hangs his tongue out like crazy! Bill calls him a little puppy dog; he just walks around with it drooping out- drooling everywhere! We have tried everything and he wont keep it in his mouth! I like this shot because he is rubbing it inside his cheek, which is his one alternative to sticking it out... I'm constantly worried he has something in his mouth, but no.... its just his tongue!

I have not done his weight a few weeks, but I guess between 21 and 22 lbs. He is in 12 month clothes and really ready to outgrow his infant car seat. He practically runs, can go from a sit to a stand to walking with no help or holding on and is eating lots of different foods! He loves yogurt, but really is a carb addict- bread, bagels, english muffins, crackers... he loves his carbohydrates! Bill is sure he is talking too... he says something that approximates "hi" and "ma-ma-ma-ma" for sure. He also repeats something similar to "da-da" but I'm not convinced he is truly speaking. He does make the sounds, and will say "hi" back, or say "ma-ma-ma" when I'm around but I don't know if there is clear intent yet. Mom is pretty sure he said "hi" to a kid in a restaurant a week or so ago, so maybe he really is talking... I'm just reserving judgement for now!

Cheer Season

Sunday was the end of season awards banquet for Savanna's pee-wee cheer. She had so much fun with cheering and has already begun her season on the competition cheer squad! We were so proud of her! She got a cool little trophy and a yearbook with all their pictures in it, plus a noble t-shirt! We had fun at the banquet sitting with her cheering buddies and eating the yummy potluck lunch!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back to the Beach

The picture Patrick took... I don't look as sandy or wet as I felt!

I'm waiting on a picture from Linda as proof... but today I took Beau back to the scene of the crime... We met up with Linda and Miller (who were then when I fell last year) and Monica and Ember from next door at the beach in Wells. I only had an hour or so to ride since we had Savanna's cheer banquet this afternoon but, I figured an hour riding the beach is better than any Saturday morning hour spent cleaning up or loafing about. It was an amazingly beautiful day, near 60 and super sunny. It's a good thing is was so warm because after arriving and mounting up with no fear or worry we took off down the sand. We rode all the way down the beach and Beau was great! Then, on the far end of the beach I ended up taking an unexpected dip in the ocean! It was a very odd situation, and I'm not sure i even know what happened, but somehow while walking in the surf Beau lost his footing and fell completely over sideways! I launched off the side as he was going down and ended up laying there as a wave came over me. Ugg. Not the way I wanted our first beach ride to go, but sort of funny in hindsight and no "injury" to either or us this time. My ego was certainly bruised as there was a beach full of people, not to mention Monica and Linda, but thankfully no broken bones this time!

My cell however is dead. Salt water and cell phones do not mix well and I was 100% wet, so it fried. But, we had insurance on it and they will replace it so I'm not too worried! After last year's fall and broken ankle I wanted to be sure to get back to the beach and ride. I was surprisingly not nervous or worried... but I guess I just wasn't ready for a drama free visit. It was such an odd "fall." I think what happened is that Beau was right about at the line where the waves were breaking on the shore and he may have gotten a bit dizzy from walking 10 or so minutes in the waves. A wave came up and he sort of stepped backwards and lost his footing. Linda says he sunk a bit into the sand, but with no footing behind, when he tried to turn he just fell sideways. It would have been comical if I wasn't so worried about him! He seems fine, and I "fell" from about ground level (I tipped off so he wouldn't land on me) so I'm ok too. I was wet and cold and super sandy on the ride back to the trailer... but it's a good story and I'm sure Linda Monica and I will be talking about it for a long time to come! Now I just need to get back and have a normal ride to get over this hump!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This weekend was the last event the Houston's were hosting for the hunt club. They held a hunter pace on Sunday here at the farm. Olivia, Bill and I rode out as "Team Houston!" We rode Field division and won first place! We were pretty fast, the footing was a tad slippery since we got a lot of rain last week, but all 3 horses were great! Of course Beau lost a shoe as is his custom at "home" events! Bill had planned to ride Belay since there was a lot of water and Grace is iffy with that, but a friend/neighbor showed up to ride and her horse was a little off, so he offered up Belay and Grace got to go anyhow! She was awesome- she never put a foot wrong! She lead a lot, since she by far has the biggest stride... went thru all the water with no fuss (as long as she was following) and jumped all sorts of stuff! Bill had a blast with her, and she really seemed to enjoy it too. It's nice to have the season done, but I look forward to riding out in a few hunt events next year!