Thursday, November 18, 2010

Peaceful Baby Boy

I often let Wes fall asleep up in the living room, then when I am ready to go to bed I change him into his "nigh-nights diaper" and carry him down to his little co sleeper for the night. I don't like to have him down there when I am not... Last night, after the party for Sister, Wes was pooped! He was worn out, but a little hyped up and he had trouble falling asleep. It was almost 10 by the time he settled and I was pretty cranky by then. I wanted my "me" time so I tucked him into bed and quickly hopped on to check e-mail before bed on the downstairs computer. After I ran up to brush teeth and use the bathroom I came back down, and his little angel awaited me. He must have stirred and was looking for me in the bed... then fell back to sleep waiting on his Mama. Melt my heart!

So, yes, the cat is out of the bag. At 10 months old this poor, neglected soul has no room of his own. The terrible abuse of having to sleep in a mini-co sleeper next to his mama has not gone unnoticed! No, really; Wes is happy as can be sleeping right next to me, and I'm happy with the situation too.... for now! But, he will need a space of his own one day (especially since the warning on the co-sleeper clearly states it is "not intended for use for infants who can crawl out!"

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