Saturday, November 20, 2010

Savanna's Birthday: Round 2

Savanna had her friends over for her birthday today. She kept it small, with just 3 friends for the "party". Kate came to the dance with us last night, then slept over and her other two pals arrived this afternoon- it was a great group and I think they all had fun.
I made an tie-dyed cake for Sav. She wanted marble cake and ice cream so I got creative with the frosting to personalize it for her. The girls loved it, so I guess it was a good idea! Kate told me it was one of the coolest cakes she had ever seen! (can you see me blushing?! I've done some pretty hard core cakes with loads of piping... this was just icing and gel and some toothpicks! But, don't tell any of them that!!)

Round 2 presents, always fun to get more stuff!

After cake and ice cream and gifts I took the girls out to the local bowling lanes... we threw a game and then they did the arcade. It was a nice way to spend some time and I didn't feel stressed to entertain them all! The girls were all pretty good bowlers. I'll admit that out of the 5 of us, I came in second to last... and only beat the one kid by a few pins...

Now, that's it for birthday's until Wes!


  1. How fun - and the cake looks totally fantastic!! :)

  2. actually, I was thinking that it was the coolest cake that I have ever seen!!! you guys are having such fun... I am so happy for you....

  3. Happy Birthday Savanna!!! She is growing up way too fast!
    And way to go on the cake, Alex. It is pretty awesome looking! I wish I had your creativity!