Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back to the Beach

The picture Patrick took... I don't look as sandy or wet as I felt!

I'm waiting on a picture from Linda as proof... but today I took Beau back to the scene of the crime... We met up with Linda and Miller (who were then when I fell last year) and Monica and Ember from next door at the beach in Wells. I only had an hour or so to ride since we had Savanna's cheer banquet this afternoon but, I figured an hour riding the beach is better than any Saturday morning hour spent cleaning up or loafing about. It was an amazingly beautiful day, near 60 and super sunny. It's a good thing is was so warm because after arriving and mounting up with no fear or worry we took off down the sand. We rode all the way down the beach and Beau was great! Then, on the far end of the beach I ended up taking an unexpected dip in the ocean! It was a very odd situation, and I'm not sure i even know what happened, but somehow while walking in the surf Beau lost his footing and fell completely over sideways! I launched off the side as he was going down and ended up laying there as a wave came over me. Ugg. Not the way I wanted our first beach ride to go, but sort of funny in hindsight and no "injury" to either or us this time. My ego was certainly bruised as there was a beach full of people, not to mention Monica and Linda, but thankfully no broken bones this time!

My cell however is dead. Salt water and cell phones do not mix well and I was 100% wet, so it fried. But, we had insurance on it and they will replace it so I'm not too worried! After last year's fall and broken ankle I wanted to be sure to get back to the beach and ride. I was surprisingly not nervous or worried... but I guess I just wasn't ready for a drama free visit. It was such an odd "fall." I think what happened is that Beau was right about at the line where the waves were breaking on the shore and he may have gotten a bit dizzy from walking 10 or so minutes in the waves. A wave came up and he sort of stepped backwards and lost his footing. Linda says he sunk a bit into the sand, but with no footing behind, when he tried to turn he just fell sideways. It would have been comical if I wasn't so worried about him! He seems fine, and I "fell" from about ground level (I tipped off so he wouldn't land on me) so I'm ok too. I was wet and cold and super sandy on the ride back to the trailer... but it's a good story and I'm sure Linda Monica and I will be talking about it for a long time to come! Now I just need to get back and have a normal ride to get over this hump!


  1. I love your photo on the header. It's a great shot, whoever took it. I don't own a horse, but we live near the beach. The ocean provides a lot of opportunities for great photos.

  2. well well well. hmm. As your mother do I get to say maybe Beau is not a beach boy? Maybe beach rides are not for him?

  3. and now it makes sense why my call went straight to VM yesterday morning! ;)

  4. Oh no! That's horrible that your ride ended up all wet. But also great news that you came back unbroken. Hopefully you'll get out there again and you can have a pleasant experience. I'm jealous that you have beaches within a reasonable distance that you can ride at. I went once in Oregon a couple years ago and it was awesome. Just wish we had beaches in Utah. The Great Salt Lake doesn't really count. ;)