Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

As is our tradition, just after the turkey is cooled and put away and the dishwasher is loaded we hit the stores for black Friday deals! Em and I always go out with Mom for the official start of our Christmas shopping! She makes it fun with a little gift (always some shopping money too!) of a neat planner/organizer. We opted to try for some of the early bird stuff and were at Toy-R-Us a little before 11pm. The line circles the front of the store, ran down along the back, double onto itself and cleared the whole parking lot. The line to get IN the store. Sheeze. I guess we are seeing signs of an economic turn around! We regrouped after deciding not to stand in the cold and were home in bed again for a 4:30 start!
Having no idea of what the day would hold, we brought Wes along. He was such a trooper! He was a hit with all the ladies in the lines; I'm certain he was the cutest shopper ever! He was so ahppy to be out and about, he is such a busy body the crowds were right up his alley! He was so stimulated and excited he couldn't even be bothered to eat! Fianlly he couldn't bear it and in Kohl's took a little nap in the cart... and then again later in the day (we were out from 4:30am until about 2:30 or 3pm!) he slept laying down in a Target buggy!
Em had to wedge herself in as we filled the Envoy but it's always such fun and really takes a lot of the pressure off when I am able to get so much done so early (and to have Mom's $ funding it!) Wes played with just about everything, and I think he will be very happy on Christmas morning... Now on to Cyber Monday and hopefully a few more gifts knocked off the list!


  1. How fun! I can't believe you filled up the Envoy - that is very impressive :)

  2. ps - the photo of Wes sleeping while shopping is over-the-top cute! :)