Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This weekend was the last event the Houston's were hosting for the hunt club. They held a hunter pace on Sunday here at the farm. Olivia, Bill and I rode out as "Team Houston!" We rode Field division and won first place! We were pretty fast, the footing was a tad slippery since we got a lot of rain last week, but all 3 horses were great! Of course Beau lost a shoe as is his custom at "home" events! Bill had planned to ride Belay since there was a lot of water and Grace is iffy with that, but a friend/neighbor showed up to ride and her horse was a little off, so he offered up Belay and Grace got to go anyhow! She was awesome- she never put a foot wrong! She lead a lot, since she by far has the biggest stride... went thru all the water with no fuss (as long as she was following) and jumped all sorts of stuff! Bill had a blast with her, and she really seemed to enjoy it too. It's nice to have the season done, but I look forward to riding out in a few hunt events next year!


  1. Alex -- that is a GREAT photo, I think you should have an 8x10 made and put that in your family room..... looks like it was great fun....

  2. I also think it's a great photo! Wish you all had 'Houston Horseshoeing' shirts on!

  3. I third the "great photo" sentiment - that should def. be framed! :)