Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11-16-10 = 10 months

Trying to get this boy to lay still for pictures is getting harder and harder! He is walking all around and did not want to stay still for our 10 month photo shoot...
I finally bribed him with my camera lens cover and he stopped moving for a second! I had to have Bill hold him down to get the first 2 shots...

One of this months developments (other than walking!) is that now Wes hangs his tongue out like crazy! Bill calls him a little puppy dog; he just walks around with it drooping out- drooling everywhere! We have tried everything and he wont keep it in his mouth! I like this shot because he is rubbing it inside his cheek, which is his one alternative to sticking it out... I'm constantly worried he has something in his mouth, but no.... its just his tongue!

I have not done his weight a few weeks, but I guess between 21 and 22 lbs. He is in 12 month clothes and really ready to outgrow his infant car seat. He practically runs, can go from a sit to a stand to walking with no help or holding on and is eating lots of different foods! He loves yogurt, but really is a carb addict- bread, bagels, english muffins, crackers... he loves his carbohydrates! Bill is sure he is talking too... he says something that approximates "hi" and "ma-ma-ma-ma" for sure. He also repeats something similar to "da-da" but I'm not convinced he is truly speaking. He does make the sounds, and will say "hi" back, or say "ma-ma-ma" when I'm around but I don't know if there is clear intent yet. Mom is pretty sure he said "hi" to a kid in a restaurant a week or so ago, so maybe he really is talking... I'm just reserving judgement for now!


  1. He is amazing! I can't wait to see him running around! :)

  2. What a chunk! and I mean that in the nicest way...

    amazing how fast they grow. Savannah sure looks cute in her cheer uniform.

  3. Love that diaper cover! It looks like a bikini!!

  4. I can't believe he'll be a year old in a couple months! That little guy of yours is growing like a weed. He's such a cutie. You'll need to try to capture his "Puppy dog" on camera. Love the cow diaper too!